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Heavy Duty Resistance Loops

208cm resistance bands, available in 5 different levels. Extremely versatile strength training accessory

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resistance bands

1.2 or 2m Resistance Band

1.2 or 2 metre resistance band ideal for physiotherapy, yoga, pilates, strength and fitness training

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gym resistance bands

Resistance Hip Band

Glute activation band for squats and other leg exercises. Intensive workout for hips, thighs and glutes

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pull up bands

Set of 4 Mini Bands

4 mini resistance loops, including workout booklet with 50 exercises for strength, tone and weight loss

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resistance bands for legs

Set of 3 Resistance Bands

3 Heavy duty latex loops, including exercise booklet with 30 exercises for strength and fitness

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Physiotherapy Shoulder Pulley

Exercise pulley for shoulder rehabilitation after injury, with door anchor and adjustable handles

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gym elastic band

Set of 5 Resistance Tubes

5 latex tubes with handles, door anchor, ankle straps and carrying pouch. Complete home workout kit

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Gym Resistance Bands

Here at Atemi Sports we know about resistance bands. They’re all we sell. We use them in our workouts every day. We write about them every day. And we’re constantly thinking about ways to get even more benefit out of this extraordinary piece of fitness equipment. It’s a love affair which has been going on for several years now, and it means you can trust us to bring you only the best quality gym resistance bands. All our products are 5-star rated on Amazon, and here are just four reasons why:

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