Best Ab Roller Wheel for Rock-Solid Abs in 2024

Best ab roller wheels


This is a review guide to the 7 best ab roller wheels available to buy online in 2024.

Ab rollers are lightweight, compact, and can help develop toned abdominal muscles while giving you an intense core workout.

They do take some time to master, though, and the ab roller you choose needs to be durable and effective. The desire for washboard abs means that there are dozens of ab rollers, or ab wheels, on the market at various prices.

To help you find the best ab roller for your core workout, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 on the market and included a buyers guide.


7 Best Ab Roller Wheels


1. SKLZ Core Wheel


SKLZ Core Wheel


The SKLZ Core Wheels are a set of two identical ab rollers, which are used one in each hand. This is different to most rollers, which are a single wheel. With a roller in each hand, there’s a greater range of exercises that can be performed.

The individual ab roller features a wheel on either side and because both wheels on a roller are connected it means they move together making it easier to maintain balance and control. There’s no spinning out of control as you push and pull. The recommended maximum weight is 225 pounds and the wheels roll smoothly enough, although, because they’re connected, it’s a little more difficult to arc your movements in or out.

The wheels are a little pricier than most, because there are effectively two of them, but they’re good quality and reliable.



  • A roller in each hand means greater exercise possibilities
  • Wheels move smoothly
  • Maximum weight 225lbs



  • A little pricey
  • Wheels on each roller are connected so turning is tricky


2. Amazon Basics Abdominal And Core Exercise Workout Roller Wheel


Amazon Basics Abdominal And Core Exercise Workout Roller Wheel


The Amazon Basics Abdominal And Core Exercise Workout Roller Wheel is a single wheel with a handle on each side. It is a really cheap option, costing less than all the other rollers on this list, and is a durable wheel made from polypropylene plastic and thermoplastic rubber. The handles are contoured to match the shape of your hand and textured for improved grip.

The wheel spins smoothly and performs well enough on carpet as well as hard surfaces. Although the wheel is decent quality and a good price, it can be tricky to put together and is restricted by its single wheel design. The textured handles can be uncomfortable and would have benefited from a foam or other coating to soften the material.



  • Sturdily built from plastic and rubber
  • Handle is contoured to the shape of a hand
  • Cheap



  • Difficult to assemble
  • Textured grip can be uncomfortable


3. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel With Built In Spring Resistance


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel With Built In Spring Resistance


The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel With Built In Spring Resistance is an extra wide ab roller with contoured, textured handles. The wide design of the roller makes it easier to steer to the side, enabling good obliques workouts, and Perfect Fitness claims that it has spring resistance that will increase workout gains.

The roller is quite expensive and there are some issues with it rolling back a few inches shorter than it rolls out, which can render some exercises ineffective. However, the wide design is good and the handles, although textured rather than foamed, are comfortable.



  • Wide roller is stable and effective
  • Contoured handles are comfortable
  • Uses springs for greater resistance
  • Comes with knee pads



  • Quite expensive
  • Can roll back shorter than it rolls out


4. Sports Research Ab Wheel Roller With Knee Pad


Sports Research Ab Wheel Roller With Knee Pad


The Sports Research Ab Wheel Roller With Knee Pad has a 3” wide wheel and solid, foam coated handlebar. The roller is really well priced and does include a knee pad to give protection during use. The rubber wheel has a textured track that prevents it from slipping and enables you to retain control during use.

The handlebar can be removed so that the wheel can be easily stored. Although the Sports Research Ab Wheel is a good price and includes a knee mat, the straight handlebar restricts the movements and exercises that can be performed and the curved edge of the wheel can cause it to steer outwards during use.



  • 3” wide wheel
  • Good price
  • Includes knee mat



  • Straight handlebar requires straight arms or bent wrists
  • Curved wheel outer


5. Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel


Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel


The Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel costs about the same as the Sports Research and has a 3.2” wheel with straight edged wheels that won’t roll outwards. The handlebars are straight, which means bending your wrists for some exercises and the wheel itself is not as grippy as some others so may be prone to slipping on some surfaces.

The wheel does come with a knee mat and it is reasonably priced with straight wheels so it is a good choice for those that want straight line control, but the handlebars are straight and have a flat, solid surface, which may be uncomfortable without gloves or other protection.



  • Decent price
  • 2” wide wheel
  • Straight wheels



  • No wheel grip
  • Straight handlebars


6. EnterSports AB Wheel Roller 6-in-1 Exercise Roller Wheel Kit


EnterSports AB Wheel Roller 6-in-1 Exercise Roller Wheel Kit


The EnterSports AB Wheel Roller 6-in-1 Exercise Roller Wheel Kit is a 6-in-1 exercise kit. It includes two resistance bands, knee pads for leaning on and to prevent injuries, and two push up bars. It also includes a 3.2” wide ab wheel roller.

The roller has contoured but effectively straight handlebars which do force some bend in the wrists and might be uncomfortable, although the padded handles are more comfortable than some. The wheel has straight corners, which prevents them from slipping sideways while rolling out and in. The wheel is easily disassembled so it can be taken down and transported easily and considering what is in the set, it is a really good price.

There are some issues with the handles not sitting straight, which means that the roller does not roll in a straight line, and the handlebar bar itself is very thin so unlikely to prove durable.



  • Cheap for a 6-in-1 set
  • Roller wheel is 3.2” wide
  • Roller wheel has straight edges



  • Handlebars are straight and very thin
  • Difficult to align perfectly so some drift when rolling


7. MKHS Ab Roller Wheel


MKHS Ab Roller Wheel


The MKHS Ab Roller Wheel is an ultra-wide ab roller with a 7” wide wheel. The extra width means that there is very little chance of the wheel wandering to the sides even when at full stretch. The handlebars are turned and textured for grip.

However, the wheel is a little pricey, because of its ultra-wide design, and it has a wind-up feature that makes pulling it back a lot easier and reduces the amount of effort and work required to perform exercises.



  • Ultra-wide 7” wheel is very stable
  • Contoured, textured handles are comfortable



  • Has a winding mechanism that makes exercises easy
  • Pricey


Buyers Guide to the Best Ab Roller Wheels


Ab rollers are designed to intensively work the abdominal muscles and are one of the best ways to get a six pack. They encourage good balance, although a wide roller should maintain a straight line without too much effort. With many trainers shunning squats because of the damage that poorly performed squats can cause, ab rollers offer a beneficial alternative.

Ab rollouts are a challenging workout. It will take some time to get used to holding the position without the wheel running away from you, let alone rolling out and back again while maintaining good form and stability. However, it is this difficulty and the need to maintain form that makes the exercise so effective.

Ensuring you get a good ab roller means that you can perform rollouts without having to pay too much attention to whether you’re veering off a straight course, and some of the dual rollers, which have a set of wheels for each hand, allow for the training of obliques and other muscle groups.


Single Or Dual Rollers?


  • The traditional ab roller is a single wheel, or two wheels side by side acting as a single wheel, with a handlebar that passes through the center of the wheel. The user holds the bar on either side of the wheel and then performs the rollout exercise.
  • Dual rollers have a roller for each hand. There are two wheels on each roller and the hand is placed between the wheels, ensuring stability. You do have to pay more attention to maintaining form when using these dual rollers or you could find that you are favoring one side of your body over the other, but because your hands can move independently and away from one another, they allow for a greater range of wheel exercises.

No individual choice is better than the other and it will come to personal preference regarding the types of exercise performed.


Wheel Width


If you do opt for a single wheel, the width of that wheel matters. Thin wheels, that can measure as little as 2” wide, can be difficult to hold straight and are prone to wobble. Around 3” thick should offer enough stability without being too wide, but there are ultra-wide rollers that are 7” wide. These are very stable but the extra friction against the floor can make them more difficult to move, and the width means that there is little opportunity for sideways adjustments.


Wheel Grip


The surface of the wheel should be textured so that it grips against hard surfaces, as well as on textured mats. This prevents the wheel from slipping and it should stop any sideways movement during your exercise.


Handlebar Shape


The handlebar is the section that you hold during exercise, and it will need to take a lot of pressure. Single rollers tend to have a single bar that goes through the middle of the wheels. The design is stable as long as you ensure the wheel sits perfectly in the middle of the bar. Also look for handlebars that are textured for grip or coated in a foam that cushions the hands against the metal bar.


Verdict – Which Is The Best Ab Roller?


The SKLZ Core Wheels is a set of dual wheels, one for each hand. The set has a decent maximum weight, is comfortable, and durable although because it is a dual set, the price is a little higher than others.

If you prefer a single roller, the Amazon Basics Roller Wheel is the best ab roller for it’s price. It’s decent quality and has a handle that is contoured to match the shape of your grip.


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