Best Crossfit Jump Rope [2024] for Double Unders Mastery

Best CrossFit jump rope


This is a review of the 8 best CrossFit jump ropes available to buy online in 2024.

Jump ropes are often used in CrossFit workouts because of their high-calorie burning potential as well as their ability to improve your coordination and balance.

CrossFit can involve many kinds of workout equipment, from kettlebells to gymnastic rings. But jump ropes can fit right in your pocket and, as you’ll see in this guide, there are options for every price point.

We had a look at 8 of the very best jump ropes for CrossFit training and reviewed them based on quality, features and price. At the end we’ve included a buyers guide with advice on how to decide which jump rope is the best for you.


How to Use Jump Ropes for CrossFit


CrossFit is all about functional fitness so jumping rope is one of the favorite WOD exercises, especially the so called “double under”, where the rope passes twice under your feet on each jump.

Here’s a video from the official CrossFit channel showing you how to perform the exercise correctly:


CrossFit “Double Unders” WOD



Best Jump Ropes For Crossfit


1. Elite SRS Fit+ Pro Freestyle Jump Rope


Elite SRS Fit+ Pro Freestyle Jump Rope


The Elite SRS Fit+ Pro Freestyle Jump Rope is a great rope for CrossFit beginners. It has long 8” handles that are easy to grip and are suitable for performing a host of tricks. The 4mm POVC cord won’t stretch or break and remains free of tangles and kinks even when performing crosses and other tricks. The cord measures 10ft, which means that it is suitable for jumpers up to 6ft3.

While the rope can be used for tricks and advanced jumping, the flexibility of the cord and the fact that it rotates a little slower than some of the more advanced options means that it is also suitable for beginners. It is also one of the least expensive ropes on the list.



  • Flexible cord is forgiving for beginners
  • 10ft cord is suitable for jumpers up to 6ft3
  • Low price



  • May not be fast enough for advanced users


2. Crossrope Get Lean Set


Crossrope Get Lean Set


The Crossrope Get Lean Set is on the expensive side, but it includes two, interchangeable ropes, access to a free workout app, and is a top-quality rope.

Slim handles are comfortable and easy to grip and the inclusion of a light and heavy rope means that you can swap between the two to change your workout style. The 1/4lb rope is light and ideal for cardio workouts, while the 1/2lb rope is heavier so is not only suitable for a more intense cardio but can also strengthen shoulder and back muscles while increasing your fat burning workouts. The ropes clip and unclip easily so that you can change between sets.

Despite its benefits, the Crossrope Get Lean Set is expensive and more advanced users may want to look for a still heavier rope for an even more intense workout.



  • Light and heavy ropes are easy to swap over
  • Rope comes with a free workout app
  • Handles are thin, lightweight, and comfortable



  • Very expensive


3. Redify 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope


Redify 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope


Sometimes, motivation can be the biggest challenge of any workout. The Redify 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope is a set of two ropes and 2 sets of handles, which means it’s an ideal set for you and a workout partner so that you can keep one another motivated.

The pack is actually less expensive than most of the other individual cords on the list and they include memory foam handles that are soft to hold. The ropes have a steel core and are coated in PVC to avoid most tangles and they are just under 10 feet long. In most cases, you can store the excess cable in the handle, but shorter jumpers might need to cut off any excess.

Also, while the ropes are good enough for beginners and for those looking to lose weight and get a little exercise, they aren’t advanced enough for some of the more complex CrossFit exercises.



  • Cheaper than most other options
  • Pack of 2 means you can workout with a partner
  • Adjustable cord to match most heights



  • Not the best for advanced workouts and tricks
  • May require cutting for shorter jumpers


4. Gunguard Weighted Jump Rope 1lb


Gunguard Weighted Jump Rope 1lb


The Gunguard Weighted Jump Rope has several really good features that make them suitable for advanced jumping and to ensure that they will last years.

Aluminum handles won’t break or split if dropped, which is definitely possible when you’re trying crosses and other tricks for the first time. The handles won’t come unscrewed, which is another possible failure with lesser quality handles. The rope itself is PVC coated and utilizes a ball bearing to ensure smooth and tangle-free swinging, and the 1lb weight means that it can be used for a really demanding cardio workout and to help hone shoulder and back muscles. The set also comes with its own hardwearing storage bag.

The Gunguard is a little pricier than some of the basic ropes, and may not be enough for more advanced users, but it is durable, and the extra weight can help power up your workout.



  • 1lb rope weight is good for intense workouts
  • Handles are very durable
  • Includes a sleeve to protect against impact with the ground



  • More expensive than basic ropes
  • Advanced user might need more weight


5. EliteSRS Bullet COMP Double Under Speed Jump Rope


EliteSRS Bullet COMP Double Under Speed Jump Rope


The EliteSRS Bullet COMP Double Under Speed Jump Rope claims to be the world’s fastest jump rope thanks to its dual ball bearing mechanism that maintains a smooth swing. It is especially suitable for CrossFit use because it is designed for double unders and it is a good choice for those learning the technique and for more advanced users.

It includes a 10ft rope, 5.5” handles that are weighted for tricks and have a textured finish to ensure they stay in your hand even after heavy sweating. The rope length is easy to alter by twisting the handle ends, too, which is important if you’re swapping between tricks and techniques as part of your workout.

Designed for more advanced users, the EliteSRS is more expensive than most of the other ropes, but its staunch following of users is testament to its quality.



  • Easy rope length adjustment
  • Suitable for double unders and other tricks
  • Handles are nicely weighted



  • Expensive


6. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope


WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope


The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is another that’s designed for perfecting CrossFit double unders. It has a four bearing system to ensure smooth rotation.

The cord itself is a 10ft rope and it does need clipping with wire cutters to reduce the size, but the coating helps ensure that the rope will last for years if used on a smooth surface. WOD Nation has also included a replacement cable, so you can keep jumping if your rope gets damaged. Even though two cables, and a carry bag, are included, this is an inexpensive rope and is actually one of the cheapest on our list.

Unfortunately, although it is cheap and comes with a replacement rope and parts, it isn’t the most durable and you will likely need the replacements, especially if you jump on anything but a perfectly smooth surface.



  • Comes with a spare rope
  • Cheap
  • Suitable for learning double unders



  • Lacks durability
  • Takes fiddling to shorten the rope


7. Buddy Lee Aero Speed Hyperformance Vinyl Cord Speed Jump Rope


Buddy Lee Aero Speed Hyperformance Vinyl Cord Speed Jump Rope


The Buddy Lee Aero Speed Hyperformance Vinyl Cord Speed Jump Rope is suitable for beginners and advanced jumpers and was designed by Buddy Lee, a pioneer of the jump rope craze.

The rope uses his patented swivel bearing technology that is designed to ensure a smooth swing every time, and the 9ft3 rope can be altered to suit anybody 7ft or under so should be suitable for all users. The 6 inch handles are well weighted and have a smooth foam grip so they won’t irritate your hands even after an intense workout.

The Aero Speed is a little more expensive than most options and the rope itself can become easily damaged, especially if used on a rough surface. The rope also retains its curled-up shape which can make it impractical for jumping.



  • Designed by Buddy Lee
  • Suitable for people 7ft and shorter
  • Foam grip is comfortable



  • Expensive
  • Not durable


8. EliteSRS Surge 3.0 Professional Speed Jump Rope


EliteSRS Surge 3.0 Professional Speed Jump Rope


The EliteSRS Surge 3.0 Professional Speed Jump Rope has been designed specifically for double unders. It has an offset head that gives a whip effect that enables beginners to learn the technique and advanced users to perfect it.

It has a nylon coated rope that shouldn’t kink and dual ball bearings ensure that the rope rotates and swings evenly and cleanly every time. Despite being on the expensive side, you are advised to use the rope on a jumping mat to preserve rope longevity, and the handles themselves are not as durable as they could be, with the bottom screw falling off.



  • Designed for double unders
  • Dual bearings prevent tangling



  • Expensive
  • Handle screws fall off
  • Rope not as durable as it could be


Buying A Crossfit Jump Rope


When buying a jump rope for CrossFit, you need to ensure that the rope is suitable for your level of ability, is durable enough that you won’t need to replace it after a few uses. Also that it is an appropriate length or can be adjusted to an appropriate length for your height. The following are among the most important features to consider:




Weight usually refers to the weight of the cord, or rope, itself, and standard CrossFit ropes weigh an ounce or two each. Weighted ropes can be much heavier, weighing a pound or several pounds according to the model.

Handles usually also weigh an ounce each with some lighter and some slightly heavier. It’s best to start with something average and consider changing if you find it too light or too heavy. Alternatively, choose a rope that includes different weights of rope as part of the set.




Durability is difficult to measure and refers to how long the rope will last until you have to replace it. The rope itself will scuff on the floor as it rotates around you, and if you jump on an abrasive surface like concrete, all but the strongest ropes will eventually suffer damage. If you can’t jump rope indoors, you should consider using some kind of smooth mat to prolong the life of the cable.


Rope Length


Typically, the length of a jump rope is 10ft and most, if not all, can be shortened. In the majority of cases, shortening the rope length means unscrewing the handle, cutting the rope down to the desired length, and then replacing the handle, but some do allow for extra rope to be stowed in the handle and you can find handles that have a screwing mechanism that shortens the rope.


Handle Design


Also consider the design of the handles. For CrossFit jump ropes, you’ll need to perform more than just basic jump rope. Double unders are the most common and popular jumping technique, and these require a lightweight handle that can be easily shifted in the hand.

Also consider that your hands will get sweaty during an intense workout, so you need a textured or gripped handle to prevent throwing the rope across the room.


Conclusion – Which Jump Rope is the Best for CrossFit?


Jump ropes are a common piece of CrossFit equipment as jumping can burn a ton of calories while also helping strengthen the core and calves. It isn’t like skipping rope at school, and the ropes used are also very different.

Of the 8 ropes listed above, we believe the Elite SRS Fit+ provides the best combination of affordability, flexibility, and durability. The Get Lean Set is the Rolls Royce of jump ropes – expensive but worth it if you’re the kind of person who refuses to compromise on quality.


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