The 9 Best Gymnastic Rings for your Home Gym 2024

Best Gymnastic Rings for your Home Gym


In this post we’re going to take a look at 9 of the best gymnastic rings and help you decide which one to buy for your home gym in 2024.

Gymnastic exercise rings are one of the best tools for a calisthenics workout. They offer minimal stability, which means activating more muscles and strengthening the core. They also require greater mobility and can be used for a host of bodyweight exercises.

They do require proper installation and aren’t suitable if you have limited space. The required mobility also means that they can take some getting used to, but the gains they offer make them a worthy addition to your home gym or garage gym.


What Are The Best Gymnastic Rings For Home Use?


We’ve tested 9 of the best gymnastic rings (wood and plastic) available to buy online and reviewed them based on quality, price and usability. We’ve also included gymnastic rings with Olympic sizing and those with adjustable straps.

Read on to find out which exercise ring is the most suitable for your home gym in 2024!


1. NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings Workout Set


NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings Workout Set


Wooden gymnastic rings are preferred for their smooth texture that allows for a swift change in hand position, but even the best quality wood can wear down and fade with age and use. The Nayoya gymnastic rings workout set includes two rings made of polycarbonate plastic.

The plastic is textured for improved grip and can support weight of up to 2,000 pounds. The rings are 1 inch thick, which is slightly thinner than the Olympic 1.1-inch thickness, but a common size for home and gym use. Strap length can be easily adjusted to match any home workout layout.

Nayoya rings are moderately priced and durable, but they don’t feel as smooth in the hands as wood, and they could do with being a little thicker for a lot of uses.



  • Competitively priced
  • Adjustable straps
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Textured handles offer improved grip



  • Not as smooth a grip as wood
  • 1” rings


2. Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings


Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings


Gymnastic rings with wooden handles are best for changing hand position smoothly and easily while still maintaining a safe grip. But although wood offers a smoother finish, it’s also more prone to wearing than plastic or metal.

The Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings are treated to prevent erosion and to increase their lifespan, while retaining a smooth finish. Because of this, they’re easy on the hands and you won’t have to stop to use chalk too often.

These are Olympic size exercise rings with a 1.11-inch thickness and 7.1-inch inner diameter. They include adjustable straps which offer a maximum length of 15ft and are made from strengthened webbing.

The maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds, which is less than the Nayoya rings but should be more than enough for home gym use. The ropes could do with measurement markings to make it easier to ensure the two sides are equal.



  • Really low price
  • Wood finish is smooth and comfortable
  • Straps adjust up to 15ft in length
  • Meet Olympic sizing standards



  • 800lbs weight capacity is less than some competitors
  • Straps could do with length markings


3. Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings


Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings


Good gymnastic rings can be used for a range of different bodyweight exercises, from pull ups to dips. However, changing exercise means that you need to be able to change the length of the straps, and the straps themselves need to be suitably long in the first place.

The Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings include 15ft straps, so they are suitable for CrossFit and for workouts with variety. The manufacturer claims they can be installed and hung in 5 minutes, and the rings have a 7-inch inner diameter.

The strap buckles, which tend to be the weak spot rather than the straps themselves, have a load capacity equivalent to 440 pounds, which is less than other sets but will be enough for most CrossFit workouts. The rings are made from a textured plastic, which doesn’t feel as smooth as wood, but the set is very reasonably priced, and it even comes with a free skipping rope.



  • 15ft long adjustable straps
  • Cheap and includes a free skipping rope
  • Textured handles offer improved grip



  • No measurement markings on the straps
  • 440lbs weight capacity could be higher


4. RubberBanditz Wooden Gymnastic Rings


RubberBanditz Wooden Gymnastic Rings


When determining a suitable weight capacity for gymnastic rings, you need to consider more than just your own bodyweight. When performing a pull up or a dip, the rings will have to sustain your full bodyweight.

When doing assisted ring dips, the rings and straps only hold a portion of your bodyweight. If you advance to any exercises where you effectively drop and catch yourself at a lower height, the straps have to be able to take additional weight.

Maximum weight capacity matters and RubberBanditz rings will hold at least 400 pounds in weight, which is enough for most home gyms but much less than some of the other items reviewed here.

The rings are made from wood, but it’s worth noting that their 1.25” ring diameter and 6.75” inner ring diameter are not FIG compliant.



  • 16ft adjustable straps
  • 16ft adjustable straps
  • Smooth wooden rings



  • Low maximum weight capacity
  • Expensive


5. Double Circle Wood Gymnastics Rings


Double Circle Wood Gymnastics Rings


Most gymnastic rings include adjustable straps. These are usually flung over a supporting bar of some kind and then buckled safely to ensure they hold. While most include adjustable straps, surprisingly few include numbered straps so that you can ensure both rings hang evenly.

The Double Circle Wood Gymnastics Rings are 9ft long, which is shorter than most, but they fasten in such a way that you can actually use most of the length and they do include length guides so you can ensure the straps are equal.

They are pricier than most, but the set includes a door anchor so that you can perform a selection of CrossFit exercises anywhere with a door and you also get a travel bag and a free workout video.



  • Kit comes with door anchor and workout video
  • Adjustable straps include measurement markers
  • Wooden handles are smooth
  • 800lbs strap capacity



  • 25” ring diameter not FIG compliant
  • Expensive


6. PACEARTH Plastic Gymnastics Rings


PACEARTH Plastic Gymnastics Rings


The PACEARTH Plastic Gymnastics Rings are made from a durable plastic and have a maximum load capacity of 1,100lbs, which is one of the biggest on this list.

The manufacturer claims that the threaded texture surface offers improved grip, too, minimizing the risk of slipping or falling while working out. The set also includes hand tapes to further prevent slips.

The 14.76ft adjustable straps of this specific set do not include measurement markers, but the rings are 1.18 inches in diameter with an internal diameter of 6.89” so they should be comfortable for most hands. The rings are reasonably priced but there have been issues with the included tape coming loose.



  • 1,100lb weight capacity
  • Textured handles for improved grip
  • Decent price



  • Included tape doesn’t stick well
  • Plastic handles


7. PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings


PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings


The PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings are made from birch wood, so the handles are soft and smooth, while also having enough give to make them comfortable. The set has a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, which is more than most people will need but gives the reassurance that they won’t break easily.

The straps also have marker measurements: a feature that is lacking on a lot of competitor products, and they are 14.76ft in length and fully adjustable. The PACEARTH rings are a little more expensive than other sets, including PACEARTH’s own plastic rings, but they are wooden and have the biggest weight capacity of any ring set on the list.

The wooden rings also come with hand tape, but it doesn’t stick well, and you may need to look for an alternative or dispense with the tape completely.



  • Straps include marker measurements
  • 76ft straps are adjustable
  • Comfortable wooden rings
  • 1,500-pound capacity



  • Pricey
  • Included tape doesn’t stick well


8. Nordic Lifting Gymnastic Rings


Nordic Lifting Gymnastic Rings


Nordic Lifting Gymnastic Rings are made from polycarbonate plastic and include 20ft long adjustable straps. The straps do include measurement markers to ensure accurate hanging, and are 1.5” wide, which is a little thicker than others so offer more strength.

The set, which is on the expensive side, includes the rings, straps, and a carry bag, as well as an installation booklet, which you don’t get with all gymnastic ring sets. Nordic Lifting also offers a lifetime warranty. The rings are 1.1” thick and have an inner diameter of 7.05” so are suitable for most hand sizes.



  • 20ft-long thick adjustable straps
  • Straps include measurement markers
  • Set includes carry bag and installation booklet



  • Expensive
  • No maximum capacity listed


What To Look For In The Best Gymnastic Rings


Gymnastic rings can make a powerful addition to a calisthenics, CrossFit, or any home workout program. They can enhance exercises like push ups and pull ups and because your body has to work to keep the rings stable, meaning that you exercise your core and a wider range of stabilizing muscles.

They can be used by people at any level of workout experience, beginner to elite. Supported dips and pullups, for example, allow you to start easy and build up as you get the hang of the exercises.

Combining rings with resistance bands means you can still enjoy some of the benefits offered by the lack of stability and increased mobility while preventing injury and encouraging good form.



Typically, gymnastic rings install over a pull up bar or other kind of support like roofing struts or, if you’re into outdoor workouts, a strong tree branch.

Some sets are designed for use with pullup bars, while others are designed to be used with a door anchor. The anchor is placed over the top of the door before closing and means you can use your gymnastics rings anywhere where you have access to a door.


Gymnastic Ring Material

There are three main choices of material: wood, plastic, and metal.

  • Metal rings tend to be heavy and hard on the hands but they are durable and very tough.
  • Plastic is durable but it doesn’t offer the best grip.
  • Wooden rings provide a great compromise and are the traditional material of choice for many. They are smooth and comfortable to hold and will last for years, although they will eventually wear down, and they need to have been treated if you intend to use them outdoors in the rain.


Strap Features And Strap Length

Strap length isn’t that important for low installations, but if you’re attaching to the beams in a loft, it does matter. Typical sizes range up to 20ft with 15ft and 16ft being the most common lengths. Straps are usually adjustable but surprisingly few have measurement markers.

Without these markers, you have to use your best judgment to ensure that the straps are an equal length, or you will be placing more pressure on one side of the body and will likely twist during exercises, potentially causing injury or stress on certain areas of the body.


Ring Size

The size of the ring can also differ. Common sizes are FIG, or Olympic compliant, and are 1.1” thick, or better suited to CrossFit applications with a 1.25” ring thickness. FIG compliant rings have an inner diameter of 7.1”, but you need to choose a size that is comfortable for your hands.


Verdict – Which Is The Best Gymnastic Ring For Your Home Gym?


Exercise rings can make an effective addition to a home gym, although you do need to have some space to hang and use them properly. Choose rings that are comfortable, sized appropriately for your hand measurement, and that comfortably take the weight you apply during your exercises.

We found the Nayoya Gymnastic Rings to offer the best all-round value, while the Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings offer excellent quality and are well suited to most home gyms and workout spaces.

Neither of these sets include measurement markers on the strap: if you consider measurement markers to be essential, you can add your own, or opt for a set like the Double Circle Wood Gymnastics Rings.


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