8 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners: Tested & Reviewed [2023]

We’ve tried out, tested and reviewed 8 of the best hand grip strengtheners available to buy online in 2023.

Grip strengtheners specifically target the grip strength in your hands and forearms. They’re used to strengthen grip for lifting weights and performing other exercises. Pianists and climbers might also use them to build individual grip strength in each finger.

There’s a surprising range of hand grip strengtheners on the market, including those with static tension as well as those with adjustable tension. There are models targeted at beginners and novices and more expensive devices that are better suited to the experienced user.

Below, we’ve highlighted 8 of the best grip strengtheners available and have included details to help you choose the one that is best for your needs.

8 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

1. IronMind Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper

Best hand grip strengtheners: IronMind Captains Of Crush

The IronMind Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper is widely considered the best all-round grip strengthener, and for good reason. They’re available in 11 strength settings that take you through from beginner to heavy weightlifting grip. You should ensure that you get the right tension level.

These spring strengtheners are priced quite high, and made from durable aluminum with a textured handle so that they are easy to grip and hold on to.

The IronMind Grippers aren’t cheap and because they’re static tension strengtheners. You’ll need to progress through different sets, adding to the cost. However, they are widely regarded as among the best models on the market and they are highly durable.


  • Durable strengtheners
  • Springs won’t loosen over time
  • Different grip tensions are available for different strengths


  • Static tension means you need multiple sets for progression

2. GD Iron Grip EXT-90 Hand Grip Strengthener

GD Iron Grip Hand Grip Strengthener

The GD Iron Grip EXT-90 Grip Strengtheners are adjustable strengtheners that have six levels of resistance from 55lbs to 198lbs. They have knurled handles that are similar to a barbell, helping strengthen your hands for lifting. The range of motion is over an inch, and while there are strengtheners with greater resistance, this set should offer more than enough training for the majority of users. The grips are silent, made from aluminum and steel, and are durable.

These are the most expensive grips on our list but because they offer 6 different levels of training and are durable, they won’t need replacing often.


  • 6 levels of resistance up to 198lbs
  • Silent
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Expensive
  • 198lbs maximum resistance not enough for some

3. Harbinger Ergonomic Grip Strength System

Harbinger Ergonomic Grip Strength System

The Harbinger Ergonomic Grip Strength System is a set of three silicone-based donuts that are designed for beginners. They have resistance levels of 20, 40, and 60 pounds, so if you’re serious about strengthening your grip, you will need to progress to a more traditional spring or coil based design, but this set is cheap, sympathetic on the hands, and easy to use. They can also be cleaned while their ergonomic design means that they can be put in a bag pocket for travelling.

Knurled metal strengtheners not only help strengthen grip, they can train the skin and hands to grip hard barbells. The Harbinger donut strengtheners do train grip but their soft design means that they won’t help you get accustomed to the abrasive surface of weights and training machines.


  • Great for beginners looking to start strengthening their grip
  • Sympathetic on hands
  • Small, portable, and convenient for travel
  • Cheap


  • 60lbs maximum tension
  • Can weaken over time

4. Luxon Grip Strength Trainer 2 Pack

Luxon Grip Strength Trainer 2 Pack

The Luxon Grip Strength Trainer is a 2 pack of basic strength trainers. The trainers are adjustable and have a maximum tension of 60kg, or 132lbs. Having two strengtheners means you can share them or you can train both hands at the same time.

The price is the biggest selling point of these grippers, but they do have a plastic handle, and while there is some texture, the Luxon is not comfortable for prolonged use and may not be suitable for large hands. If you do need two grippers and are on a tight budget, or you want to try a set out to determine whether this kind of trainer is suitable for you, they represent a good value option.


  • Comes as a set of 2
  • Adjustable tension
  • Cheap


  • Maximum 132lbs tension not enough for advanced users
  • Somewhat uncomfortable grips
  • Not as durable as more expensive grippers

5. Gripmaster Prohands Pro Finger Exerciser

Gripmaster Prohands Pro Finger Exerciser

The Gripmaster Prohands Pro is different to the other strengtheners on our list. It enables the user to train fingers individually, which can be beneficial for climbers and those that need improved articulation in their fingers. It can also be useful for musicians to not only build finger strength but to improve flexibility and mobility.

The Pro version has padded finger cushions that make them more comfortable and enable the user to grip for longer. The Pro version comes in a choice of 5 different tension settings, up to a maximum of 13lbs and can be bought in sets which does help keep the price down. However, because these are fixed tension strengtheners, you will need to buy additional sets as you progress.


  • Allows the strengthening of individual fingers
  • Padded fingers are more comfortable
  • Choice of five tension levels


  • Palm rest is a little unnatural
  • Design is not ideal for smaller hands
  • Quite expensive

6. ALMAH Hand Grip Strengthener Kit

ALMAH Hand Grip Strengthener Kit

The ALMAH Hand Grip Strengthener Kit is a set of five different hand grip strengtheners. It includes a stress ball, a ring, finger stretcher band, a finger exerciser and an adjustable hand grip strengthener, and the kit costs less than virtually all of the other entries on this list.

The grip strengthener is arguably the main item on the list and, as you would expect for the price of the bundle, it isn’t as durable or as well made as the more premium products we’ve reviewed. It does offer variable tension from 11lbs to 132lbs, which will be enough for most first-time users. It has a plastic handle, which can be uncomfortable, but it also has a rep counter so that you can track your hand workouts and determine the progress you’re making.

If you’re unsure of your grip strength and want to know the best type of device for you, this is a handy and inexpensive kit to start your journey.


  • Includes 5 grip and finger strengthening devices
  • Adjustable grip strengthener
  • Cheap


  • Strengthener isn’t durable
  • Plastic handle is uncomfortable
  • Ball and donut offer minimal resistance

7. GD Grip Pro-70

GD Grip Pro-70

The GD Grip Pro-70 is a cheaper and less resistant strengthener than the EXT-90 above. It has adjustable tension ranging from 55lbs to 154lbs and GD claims that the grips are silent and durable.

Although they are cheaper than some of the more premium models, they have a plastic handle with a hard textured surface that can be uncomfortable to use.

Using a higher tension with this grip means that the range of motion required to squeeze the grips is reduced, so it may not be suitable for those with large hands looking to really strengthen their squeeze. The plastic handles, although better than some cheaper plastics, do not offer much grip, so you can lose control when your hands get sweaty.


  • Tension can be altered between 55lbs and 154lbs
  • Durable springs
  • Silent


  • Hard plastic handles
  • Minimal range of motion at higher tension

8. Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

The Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser allows you to strengthen each finger, rather than your whole grip, which can be beneficial for musicians, climbers, and for rehab purposes. It also enables you to strengthen individual fingers to bring them up to the strength of your toughest fingers.

These are fixed tension grippers, with a choice of 1.5, 3, 5, 7, or 9lbs of resistance and unlike the Gripmaster Pro, the standard set has hard plastic finger and palm rests. They can get uncomfortable without the extra padding.

Each individual exerciser is reasonably priced but you will need a few sets as you progress through your grip strengthening journey. If you’re trying to maintain an existing grip level or you don’t need much resistance, but you do want to train fingers individually, these can make a good introduction, although the finger padding on the PRO set make them a better choice.


  • Cheap
  • Good for building individual finger grip


  • Will need multiple sets as you progress
  • Finger pads are uncomfortable

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

When buying the best grip strengthener, you will need to consider how you use them, your current grip strength, and what type of grip you are trying to achieve.

Types Of Grip Strengtheners

The main types of hand grip strengtheners are:

  • Spring Grippers – These use a coil or spring and they require that you squeeze the handle to apply pressure. Typically, spring strengtheners only have two handles and cannot be used to train individual fingers.
  • Articulated Strengtheners – Articulated strengtheners allow you to train each finger individually or require pressure from each finger while performing a single rep. Used by climbers, as well as musicians and for rehab, these are great for dexterity as well as crush strength.
  • Donuts – These are round rubber, plastic, or silicon based grippers. They tend to be softer on the hands but do not offer as much resistance as other strengtheners.

Fixed Vs Adjustable Resistance

The resistance level is the amount of pressure, measured in kilograms or pounds, that you need to apply in order to complete a rep. Some sets have a single tension setting, which cannot be altered, while others are adjustable or variable. The fixed resistance strengthers are usually more durable but not as flexible, and you will likely require multiple sets during your grip strengthening journey.

Resistance Level

The required resistance level depends on your current grip strength and your desired grip strength.

  • 60 pounds is generally considered a good level for beginners.
  • 100 pounds offers more of a challenge when trying to complete multiple reps.
  • 150 to 160 pounds of grip strength should be ample for most gym and strength work.
  • Some heavy lifters have a grip of 200 pounds or more and there are strengtheners that offer 300 pounds or more of resistance but most people will never need this level of resistance.

Verdict – Which Is The Best Grip Strengthener?

The best hand grip strengtheners can be used to increase whole-hand or individual finger grip strength, depending on the type of item you buy. They come in a wide variety of resistance settings, including those that can be adjusted to your requirements.

We found the IronMind Captains Of Crush to offer the best-all round features at a reasonable price, although you will need multiple sets, which increases the price. If you’re on a budget or just trying strengtheners out, the Harbinger Ergo Grip Strength System is a good, cost-effective alternative.

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