Exercises for Lower Back Fat | Perfect At Home Slimming Workout

Exercises for lower back fat


This slimming workout contains 10 exercises for lower back fat which you can do at home, in the gym, or on the move.

The exercises are super effective for weight loss, toning and strength conditioning – all of which are important if you want to get rid of excess fat in your lower back region.

So let’s begin:


What kind of exercises can get rid of lower back fat?


Intensive workouts like HIIT or spinning are ultra effective fat-burners because of the large amount of calories you burn during and after your session. Any kind of high-intensity exercise is worth considering if you want to lose weight fast.

But doing cardio workouts is definitely not the only way to lose fat. You should also be doing strength exercises, because a body with more muscle tissue will burn more calories, even during rest.

Concentrate on compound exercises like deadlifts and squats if your goal. For losing lower back fat you should also do exercises which focus around your glutes, legs, back and core.


Best workout tool for lower back fat exercises


For heavy compound exercises, you can never go wrong with an Olympic barbell, but these are not always accessible or convenient to keep with you.

Resistance bands are just as effective as weights for strength training, they’re super portable and cost only a few bucks.

For lower back exercises we recommend using a resistance loop band, which is available in 5 strengths and can be used to do all the exercises in this workout.


Lower back fat exercise band


10 Exercises for Lower Back Fat


#1 Squats

Squat exercise for lower back fat

Hold the band in front of your shoulders and stand with feet on the other end, shoulder-width apart. Now you can do resistance band squats, taking care to pay close attention to correct squat form.


#2 Deadlifts

Deadlift lower back fat exercise

Stand inside either end of the loop with feet wide apart. Bend at the waist and knees and keep your lower back straight. Hold the centre of the band and pull it upwards using your legs, lower back and core muscles. For deadlifts it’s especially important to use correct form.


#3 Assisted Pull Ups

See this video from our YouTube channel for how to do this exercise:


#4 Bent Over Rows

Bent Over Row

Stand on the center of the band and hold the loop ends while bending at the knees and waist. Keep your lower back slightly arched, not bowed forward. Stretch the band by pulling it upwards, squeezing your shoulder blades together and holding for a moment in the final position.


#5 Good Mornings

Good Morning

Loop the band around your neck and stand on the other end. Bend forward at the waist, keeping your lower back slightly arched. Then stretch the band by straightening your body. Use mainly your lower back muscles in this exercise.


#6 Chest Press

Chest Press

Get into a front stance, standing on one end of the loop with your back foot and holding the other end in front of your chest. Now push the band forward and upwards until your arms are straight.


#7 Wood Chop

High-Low Wood Chop

Secure the band at an anchor point high up (making sure it won’t come loose) and stand side-on. Now stretch the band by pulling it downwards and to the opposite side of your body in a chopping motion.


#8 Band Pull Through

Band Pull Through

Secure the band at waist height behind you and reach down between your legs to hold the end of the loop. Stretch the band by straightening your body, using your glutes and lower back muscles.


#9 Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick, exercise for lower back fat

Kneel on your hands and knees with the band, pressing down on one end of the band and with the other end looped around one foot. Now kick your leg back and up towards the ceiling. You should feel the exercise in your glutes, legs and lower back.


#10 Kneeling Superman

Kneeling Superman

Kneel on all fours with the band looped around one hand and the opposite foot. Now lift your arm and opposite leg as high as possible, stretching the band, and hold for a moment, feeling the contraction in your back muscles.


We hope you enjoyed these exercises for lower back fat. See our full range of resistance bands here.


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