Fitness and Lifestyle Myths That Can Derail You From Your Weight Loss Goals

Fitness and Lifestyle Myths


Obesity is turning into an epidemic in America, and it’s putting numerous lives at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), up to 41.9% of the population is currently obese. Because obesity increases the risk of conditions like diabetes and heart disease, medical bills related to obesity reach up to $173 billion annually. Despite this, surveys from the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) report that young American adults are less likely to enroll in weight loss programs. NWCR also points out that more people want to lose weight due to social factors and appearance rather than health. Unfortunately, these tendencies can lead to harmful weight loss practices, primarily due to the number of fitness and lifestyle myths in the US.

To ensure that your weight loss journey will be effective and safe, it’s important to set the truth apart from the myths. For those about to embark on a fitness journey, here are some weight loss and lifestyle myths that you should watch out for:

Longer workouts are more effective than shorter ones

Burning calories through exercise can lead to weight loss. As a result, many people think you can only burn lots of calories if you work out for a long time.

However, short workout programs can be just as effective as longer ones. To illustrate, high-intensity interval training workouts burn lots of fat during and after the workout due to short bursts of extreme exercises. On top of that, you can accomplish these workouts in ten to thirty minutes. Their short length makes it easier to exercise regularly, which can lead to more sustainable weight loss.

Weight training is not a suitable exercise for weight loss

Weight training is usually perceived as an exercise that’s geared more toward building muscle. Meanwhile, cardio exercises are the ones that are suggested for weight loss.

Experts from Liverpool John Moores University are setting things straight by clarifying that weight training is effective for both muscle building and weight loss. In fact, resistance exercises can be more effective for shedding excess weight since they can burn more calories during the workout. Plus, resistance training is also great for long-term weight control because it increases your resting metabolic rate and sustains fat loss over time.

Prepackaged meals can help you shed off pounds

Prepackaged meals seem effective because the food is already portioned. But while these meals can reduce caloric intake, they do not address a significant factor that causes weight gain: your dietary habits.

Instead of doing these quick fixes, you’re better off following effective weight loss programs that use nutritional and behavioral science to motivate you to start healthy habits, like eating more nutritious diets. You can even consult with expert nutritional coaches to verify harmful diet fads and discover meals that align with your weight loss goals. By focusing on your relationship with food, you can prevent overeating and learn how to make healthy meals.

Liquid diets can make you lose weight quickly

Many people believe that liquid diets can help you lose weight quickly due to their lower calorie content. There are also detox diets, which promise to remove toxic substances from your body to help you shed pounds.

However, nutritionist Erin Rossi explains that liquid diets are not healthy because they lack essential nutrients. They also do not provide long-term results because people usually gain back their lost weight once they begin eating solid food again. While these can definitely help you lose weight initially, it’s much better to stick to a well-balanced diet that’s healthy, sustainable, and effective.

There are no shortcuts to weight loss. Nevertheless, all the changes in your lifestyle will be worth it once your health starts to improve. So if you want to start your weight loss journey, check out our gym resistance bands. These premium quality resistance bands are made of 100% natural latex, making them durable and non-toxic. They’re ideal for back exercises at home, and can be used to workout every muscle in your body. Through regular exercise and diet, you’ll soon see your body in its healthiest and happiest state.

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