6 Best Home Pull Up Stands Reviewed 2024

Best Home Pull Up Stands


This is a review guide to the best home pull up stands you can buy in 2024.

The pull up bar stand is a freestanding piece of home gym equipment. It’s great if you can’t fit a door bar to your door frame or want a pull up station that allows for a greater range of exercises. It also allows you to keep all your home gym equipment in one space and makes doing pull ups easier.

Buying a pull up bar stand means you can do pull ups, chin ups, and dips without damaging the structure of your house. It also means that the rest of the family can freely walk through doors without fear of getting kicked or screamed at.


Benefits of Using a Pull Up Stand

The biggest benefit of a stand, also called a power tower or power cage, is that pull ups offer an excellent bodyweight workout. Also known as calisthenics, bodyweight workouts are one of the best ways to develop full body strength and a ripped physique. As you can see from this video:



Using Bands for Assisted Pull Ups

You can start out simulating the pull up motion using resistance bands, and when you do progress to the bar, you can continue to use bands to do pull up assists. Once you’ve mastered the technique and built some explosive power, remove the bands and perform the exercise yourself.


Resistance bands for assisted pull ups


Here’s a video from our YouTube channel showing you how to do assisted pull ups with a resistance band:



Where to Buy a Pull Up Station

There are a lot of pull up stands available to buy on Amazon, and while you might think they’re all the same, they aren’t. Some stands have weight limits. Others include dip stands and other features to enhance your range of exercises.

Then there’s the quality, durability, and convenience of the different models. There’s a lot to consider. We’ve looked at dozens of pull up bar stands and have listed 12 of the best options out there for you, as well as provided reviews for each.


Best Pull Up Bar Stands on Amazon:


1 – Stamina 1690 Power Tower


Stamina 1690 Power Tower


The Stamina 1690 is the cheapest pull up bar station on our list, one of the cheapest we could find, and gets excellent reviews from buyers. Hence its place at the top of our list and its ranking as the best pull up stand.

It combines push up, pull up, dip, and sit up station, features foam handles for comfort, and has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs. The steel frame is robust and designed to last, and it has non-slip end caps to keep the station in place no matter how vigorous your exercise.

The Stamina power tower is a no-frills option, and some buyers have said that they would prefer a few more handle positions. While it might be basic compared to some of the most expensive models, this keeps price down and it also means that the Stamina station can be used in confined home gym spaces. It gets positive reviews for its ease of assembly and most people report that it feels sturdy.

You will be hard pressed to find a pull up bar of the same quality, and with the same features, for close to the price of this one.


  • Small footprint
  • Can be used for a range of exercises
  • Foam padded handles are comfortable
  • Sold steel construction


  • Weight capacity (250 lbs) could be better
  • No back cushion


2 – Body Champ VK1010 Power Station


Body Champ VK1010 Power Station


The Body Champ VK1010 is not as basic as the Stamina bar above. For one, it has a back cushion, which not only provides comfort but offers some support for the back and neck. It also has multiple training stations that allow for a host of bodyweight exercises.

It’s roughly similar in size to the 1690 and has a steel frame, grips on the handles to protect you, and protective feet that stop the frame from sliding and protect your floor. It will support users up to 250 lbs.

This is another pull up stand that gets good buyer reviews. There are some reports that the bar does not feel sturdy, but it has proven fine for users under the weight limit. There have also been some complaints over the quality of the bolts used, and one or two buyers have reported that it is a little too tall for standard ceilings.


  • Can be used for multiple exercises
  • Has a back cushion for support
  • Non slip grips
  • Strong metal frame


  • Pricier than similar models
  • No perpendicular grip


3 – KT Mens Pull Up Bar


KT Mens Pull Up Bar


The KT men’s pull up bar is versatile and portable, suitable for people up to 6ft5 and with a maximum weight capacity of nearly 500 lbs. It is tall enough that it allows for a full body swing, which means that you don’t have to rely on innovative foot and leg positions to get the movement right.

The bar has an A Frame design that can be folded away in a few seconds for storage or transport. If you’re limited for space, you can adjust the height, so it is suitable for home gym use.

Unfortunately, the KT is expensive and it only offers pull ups and varieties of pull up exercises. There are no additional exercise stations. With that said, it gets exceptional reviews from buyers. If you are looking for a piece of equipment, are only interested in doing pull ups, and have the money to spare, this is a very good option for your home workouts.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Weight limit of 485 lbs
  • Portable and easy to fold away
  • Adjustable for confined spaces


  • Expensive
  • No additional exercise stations


4 – HulkFit Adjustable Power Rack


HulkFit Adjustable Power Rack


The HulkFit adjustable power rack is a modular exercise station. It is very stable, has weight plate holders that enable you to anchor it in place, and it will hold up to 500lbs in weight so is ideal for the bigger user and for those that want to do weighted pull ups.

There is a second version of this power rack available, called the heavy duty model. It has a maximum load of 800 lbs and includes two pull up bars, dip bars, and J hooks. However, if you thought the KT pull up bar was expensive, the heavy duty HulkFit is double the price. We are primarily reviewing the standard, cheaper, version, but know that there is a heavier duty alternative as well.

We love how adjustable this unit is. There are holes all the way down the frame which means that you can add the pull up bars at whatever height you like. The weight capacity means that you can also use the J hooks, which are included in both versions, to hold weights and other heavy equipment too.

The HulkFit receives positive reviews for its strength but some buyers have reported missing or damaged parts out of the box. Also, the yellow design won’t be to everybody’s liking.


  • 500lb maximum weight
  • Adjustable
  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Weight plate holders for extra stability


  • Yellow
  • Basic unit only has pull up bars
  • Heavy-duty version is very expensive


5 – CITYBIRDS Power Tower Dip Station


CITYBIRDS Power Tower Dip Station


The CITYBIRDS power tower dip station is a durable power tower made from 14-gauge stainless steel with a scratch resistant finish. It has a maximum user weight limit of 400lbs so can be used for weighted pull ups and has four different fitness station areas so you can enjoy a full body workout.

The bar has four adjustable heights, a backrest that can be placed in any of seven positions, and tilted armrests that are designed for human use.

The CITYBIRDS power tower has a moderate price tag and receives generally very positive reviews. It is another power tower that has some complaints over missing parts, although this is a thankfully rare complaint.


  • Adjustable bar and back positions
  • 4-in-1 power tower for a modest price
  • Has back cushion
  • 400lbs weight limit


  • The arm rests could be longer
  • Some reports of missing parts


6 – GoBeast Free Standing Pull Up Bar


GoBeast Free Standing Pull Up Bar


The GoBeast pull up bar stand is a portable pull up bar and dip station in one, and it takes a somewhat unusual approach to combining the two. The side poles extend fully when being used as a pull up bar, or you can extend them part way as a dip station.

While this is a reasonable idea in principle, some users have reported that the bar needs to be disassembled and put back together to change from one station to the other, which is inconvenient if you’re part way through a workout and have to stop. It does have a 300lb weight limit, which is better than some.

It’s also reasonably priced, assuming it works well and can be put together easily when you receive it. The size does mean that you will have to utilize some unusual foot and leg positions if you’re 6ft or taller.

Unfortunately, there are also several reports of the holes being misaligned. In some cases, it was still possible to put the frame up, but not always. Finally, the convenient carry bag is reported as being very easy to rip.


  • 2-in-1 dip and pull up station
  • Foldable and portable
  • Reasonable price


  • Several reports of misaligned frame holes
  • Too short for tall users
  • Carry bag rips easily


Benefits Of Pull Ups

Pullups are easy to master and they improve your grip strength, back muscles, and your arm and shoulder muscles. You can use pull up assistance bands to make the exercise a little easier, and you can throw on a weighted vest to make them more challenging and to ramp up the difficulty. If you’re looking for a serious challenge, one-handed pull ups take serious muscle power and control.

Most pull up bars also allow for chin ups, which offer similar benefits and look the same except that the hand position is different. With pull ups, the palms of the hand face away from you, while the palms face towards you with a chin up. Pull ups also require your hands be slightly wider apart than your shoulders.

With chin ups, your hands should be roughly equal to your shoulders. Although they work similar muscles, chin-ups work your biceps a little more while pull ups are equally difficult for most of your arm, shoulder, and back muscles. Both exercises are very good for the abs.


Freestanding Vs Doorway Pull Up Bars

Doorway pull up bars are those that hang over the frame of the door or use a telescopic or frame mount and sit within the door. There are some cases of these bars damaging or breaking the doorway, and your motion is restricted.

Doorway pull up bars typically require that you modify the pull up motion because there isn’t enough height for you to hang all the way down with your arms and legs fully extended. Freestanding pull up bar stands can also incorporate other exercise stations for a more robust and challenging workout routine.


What To Look For In Pull Up Bar Stands

When compiling our reviews, we look at the following factors:



Freestanding bars can be used in a home gym, while portable models can be used anywhere there is space. If they are easy to fold, light enough to carry when not in use, and can be easily moved, they can even be carried to a friend’s or to another location to exercise. Be aware that portable models typically need to be put up and taken down often, and this can mean weaker joints and a less stable model.


Height Adjustable

A lot of pull up stands are a fixed height. For the average person, this won’t be a problem and will allow them to complete standard pull up and chin up routines. Taller and shorter users might struggle with this layout, however, and if more than one person is using the bar, it is unlikely to be in the optimal position for both. This is where height adjustable pull up bar stands are especially beneficial. They can be moved up and down according to the exercise, the location, and the user.


Multiple Exercise Stations

Pull ups are a beneficial exercise that can work a lot of major muscle groups. No matter how effective they are, though, pull ups shouldn’t be the only exercise in your home workout arsenal. You will enjoy better results by mixing different exercises and exercise groups in a single routine.

A lot of pull up stations are actually power towers or power cages. These combine multiple exercise stations so that you can do dips, pull ups, chin ups, and even use parts of the frame for push ups and sit ups. Some frames include J hooks that will even take your barbells and other free weights, so you have virtually everything you need for a home gym.


Weight Limit

A pull up bar will have some flex in the bar itself. Without this flex the bar is likely to snap or bend. However, there shouldn’t be too much flex when you apply your weight, or it could lead to accidents and serious injuries. Check the weight capacity of the pull up stand, ensure that it will take your weight and, if you intend to use weighted belts or weighted jackets, include this in your measurements. Most bars will accept a maximum weight of 250lbs, but some will take 400lbs or more.


Cushions And Rests

Pull ups place a lot of strain on the hand, while dips put strain on the wrist and part of the arm. Some of the pull up stands we reviewed include arm rests and cushions, as well as back cushions. These increase comfort so that you can concentrate on the exercises rather than worrying about the pain. They can also help ensure you keep good form during the exercises.


Best Pull Up Bar Stand Reviews: The Verdict

While writing our reviews, we found that the Stamina 1690 Power Stand was the best model. It has a reasonable price tag, combines multiple exercise stations, and receives positive reviews for its build quality and durability, but there are several good options to meet various needs.


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