10 Resistance Band Glute Exercises to Build a Perfect Booty

Resistance Band Glute Exercises


This post is all about resistance band glute exercises and how to build a perfectly shaped butt.

First, name all the best glute exercises you know.

I mean, when you tell yourself that today you’re really going to go for that killer butt workout, which exercises would you choose?

Most people will immediately say squats.

Then maybe they’ll come up with lunges. After that, the average person will struggle to think of much more.

Don’t get me wrong, squats are the king of lower-body exercises. Nothing will work your legs and create a body-wide muscle-building environment like the humble squat. There are plenty of workouts which focus heavily on squats as a core exercise. Definitely do squats.

But if you want to spend an hour or more focusing specifically on your booty, and you’re away from the gym and all its expensive isolation machines, what else can you do?


How to de glute exercises with a resistance band


First, ask yourself what kind of body shape you’re after. Do you want to look like an Olympic powerlifter? Then get yourself to a barbell and squat rack and start lifting, heavy.

But perhaps you’re more inspired by those Instagram models and their bubble butts which seem to sweep majestically in a never-ending curve from here to nirvana. Do they only do squats? Hell no. Do they have a secret weapon? Hell yes.


What is the best resistance band for glute exercises?

A set of mini resistance bands is hands-down the best tool for exercising your glutes and hips. A decent set costs only a few bucks and they fit right in your pocket to take with you anywhere.


Best resistance bands for glute workouts


For super high resistance, there’s also the fabric-covered glute band (strictly for serious athletes – you have been warned).


Exercise band for glutes


What are the best resistance band exercises for glutes?

Here’s a quick video showing you some of the best glute exercises using a mini resistance band. Scroll down to read the full workout with written instructions.



Here are our best mini resistance band glute exercises for butt, hips and thighs:

(To do glute exercises with a resistance band you can go through each movement as a circuit – in total two to three times. Aim for 15 to 20 repetitions per set and as little rest as possible in between.)


1. Lateral Shuffle

Resistance band glute exercises: Lateral Shuffle

Place the band around your ankles and stand with feet wider than shoulder-width, knees bent and back straight. Step your right foot out to the right, then follow with left foot, keeping the band taut. Take ten steps to the right then switch directions and repeat on the other side. Here’s a video showing you how to do this glute exercise with a resistance band:



2. Lunge Kickbacks

Glute workout with a resistance band: Lunge Kickback

Stand naturally with the band around your knees and hands on hips. Drop forward into a lunge position, keeping your upper body upright. Raise your hips and lean forward, simultaneously lifting your rear leg. Hold for a moment then return to start and repeat on the opposite leg.


3. Standing Hip Abduction

Standing hip abduction

Place the band around your ankles and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Extend one foot out horizontally, keeping the leg straight. Squeeze and contract your glutes throughout the movement. Hold briefly and then return to start.


4. Glute Bridge Thrust

Glute bridge thrust exercise

Place the band just above your knees and lie facing up with knees bent, arms by your side. Lift your hips as high as possible, keeping your upper body relaxed. Squeeze your glutes, hold for a few seconds, and return to start.


5. Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick glute workout

Start on your hands and knees with the band placed around the toes of your shoes. Kick one leg back, driving the heel towards the ceiling. Draw your belly button in towards your spine and squeeze your glutes. Hold at the top for a moment and then lower to start.


6. Lying Hip Abduction

Lying Hip Abduction

Place the band around your ankles and lie on your side, supporting your torso with your arm on the floor. Keeping both legs straight, lift the top leg as high as possible. Hold briefly, contracting your hips and obliques, and return to start.


7. Glute Kickback

glute kickback

Start on your hands and knees with the band looped around your feet. Keep your body and neck straight, head looking slightly forward. Lift one leg as high as possible, feeling the contraction in your glutes and hips. Hold for a moment before returning to start.


8. Clamshell

Glute band workout: clamshell

Place the band just above your knees and lie on your side, one hand on your hip and one supporting your head. Knees are together and bent at 45 degrees. Keeping your feet together, spread your knees apart as far as possible, hold briefly, and return to start.


9. Plank Kickback

Plank kickback

Start in plank position with the band above your knees, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your body and head in a straight line, tensing your abs. Keeping both legs straight, lift one leg as high as possible, hold for a moment and return to start.


10. Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat

Start in a low squat position with the band just below your knees. Keep your back slightly arched, arms in front of you and head looking forward. Simultaneously raise your body and lift one leg out to the side, as high as possible. Hold for a moment, keeping your balance, before returning to start.


We hope you enjoyed these resistance band glute exercises. Click here to see our full range of resistance bands for glutes, legs, core and upper body, and see out blog for more workouts.

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