Resistance Bands for Door Workouts | 10 Door Anchor Exercises

Resistance Bands for Door Workouts


Who knew you could use resistance bands for door workouts and turn your home into a fully equipped strength gym?

The secret lies in the humble doorway that connects to your living room, kitchen or upstairs boudoir. You see, the space which lies along the door frame where the door closes makes a perfect anchor point for your resistance training bands.

You can use a door anchor to secure the resistance bands at any point along the door frame and perform various exercises at different angles of resistance.

In this guide I want to show you 10 resistance bands door exercises using a door anchor and a resistance tube with handles.


What are the best resistance bands for door workouts?


Resistance Band with Door Anchor


These resistance bands with door anchor include foam handles for comfortable use and are available in four resistance levels (Light to X-Heavy).

To use the door anchor, you just thread the resistance band through the loop and then wedge the anchor into the door frame (by closing the door) at whichever height you desire. Then you’re all set to start your resistance band home workout.


How to use a resistance band with door anchor


10 resistance band exercises for the door


This is a full body workout and you can do the exercises in any order. But I find it useful to follow each exercise with one that works a different set of muscles. This lets you rest each muscle group in sequence – meaning you’ll do more exercises in less time. More exercises = more results.


#1 Chest Press

Resistance Band Door Anchor Chest Press

Stand facing away from the door with the anchor secured somewhere between waist and head height. Keep some tension in the band and get into a solid forward stance. Now push the band away from you and perform the chest press exercise as normal.


#2 Standing Row

Standing Row

Now turn around and face the door. Pull the handles back towards you, keeping your elbows close to your sides. Squeeze your shoulder blades together in the final position.


#3 High-Low Woodchop

High-Low Woodchop

Secure the band high up on the door frame and hold onto both handles, standing side on to the door. Use your oblique abdominal muscles to pull the bands down and away from the door in a chopping motion. Do one side and then switch.


#4 Chest Fly

Resistance Bands for Door: Chest Fly

Fix the band at chest height and stand facing away from the door. Hold the handles with your arms splayed outwards and with some tension in the band. Then bring your hands together in the centre, squeezing your pectoral muscles.


#5 Kneeling Crunch

Kneeling Crunch

With the door anchor high up, kneel facing away from the door and holding the handles at your neck. Crunch your body forward and down, stretching the band and squeezing your abdominal muscles.


#6 Kneeling Row

Kneeling Row

Now turn around and face the door with the anchor secured high up. Arms straight, hold on to the handles with some tension in the band. Pull the handles back to your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together in the final position.


#7 Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension

Stand facing the door with the anchor high up. Brace your elbows close to your sides and hold the handles in front of you. Pull the band downwards using your tricep muscles and without moving your elbows.


#8 Low-High Woodchop

Low-High Woodchop

Wedge the anchor down low and stand side-on to the door, holding the handles at waist height. Using your oblique muscles, rotate your body and stretch the band up and to the other side. Repeat on both sides.


#9 Face Pull

Resistance Bands for Door Exercise: Face Pull

Secure the band around mid-height. Same as in the Standing Row exercise, pull the band towards you, except this time you lift your elbows up and pull the handles to your face.


#10 Ab Rotation

Ab Rotation

Secure the band at shoulder height and, standing side-on to the door, hold the handles with your arms straight in front of you and some tension in the band. Stretch the band by rotating your waist, using your oblique muscles. Repeat on both sides.


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