Resistance Bands for Thighs: 21 Exercises for Leg Tone

Resistance Bands for Thighs


This post is all about using resistance bands for thighs and how to create for yourself a beautiful pair of toned and shapely legs, just by exercising with bands.

We’re not talking about big strong powerlifter legs here. If this is what you want, the solution is simple: take a fearsomely heavy barbell and just start doing heavy squats. Forget about bands.

But if your desire is to possess a sensual set of thighs à la Sharon Stone – formidable but slender, muscular but sleekly sexy – then the squat rack is no great friend of yours.


Thigh resistance bands


Using resistance bands for thigh exercises is the best way to tone your legs

We all know that doing low-rep, heavy-load compound exercises is a superior way to build strength and muscle mass. But…

If you’ve read this far, then I believe you lean more towards elegance and aesthetic lines, although without any compromise on functional strength. How to achieve this kind of high-performance beauty? Is there a secret? There is!

Doing these resistance band thigh exercises is the best way to tone your legs and increase lower body strength without gaining excessive mass.

Read on to discover how to do thigh exercises with bands for beautifully toned and sculpted legs.


Thigh exercises with bands


Best Resistance Bands for Thighs

To do these thigh exercises you need a special kind of band, one that will loop around your legs and provide concentric resistance while you workout.

Resistance glute bands are the best tool for activating your thigh, hip and glute muscles for an intense workout.


Resistance glute bands for thighs


For the serious players out there, our fabric covered hip band is insanely strong, providing 150lb of resistance. Not for the faint hearted.


Glute resistance band


Resistance bands for thighs: 21 exercises for leg shape and tone:

You can do these exercises either using one the glute bands or the ultra-strong hip band. Aim for 12-15 reps and 2-3 sets of each exercise.



#1 Squat

Resistance bands for thighs - squat exercise


#2 Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat


#3 Deadlift



#4 Diagonal Split Squat

Diagonal Split Squat


#5 Standing Hip Abduction

Standing hip abduction


#6 Standing Kickback

Standing Kickback thigh exercise with resistance band


#7 Standing Hip Flexion

Standing Hip Flexion


#8 Knee Raise

Knee Raise: resistance band exercise for thighs

#9 Lunge Kickback

Lunge Kickback resistance band exercise for thighs


#10 Leaning Kickback

Leaning Kickback


#11 Leg Extension

Leg Extension exercise


#12 Lateral Shuffle


#13 Mini Band Walk

Mini Band Walk


#14 Glute Kickback

glute kickback


#15 Lying Hip Abduction

Lying Hip Abduction


#16 Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick thigh workout


#17 Plank Kickback

Plank kickback


#18 Side Plank Leg Raise

Side Plank Leg Raise


#19 Clamshell

Thigh band workout: clamshell


#20 Inverse Clamshell

Inverse Clamshell


#21 Bridge Thrust

Bridge thrust exercise


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