Top Tips For Working Out in Glasses

Working out in glasses


There are so many aspects of working out that need careful consideration. Are you doing the right workout routine? Following proper nutrition? Do you have the right fitness gear? Whilst the latter might seem to be focused on sneakers, or which resistance band to use, you might also wish to think about what you wear on your face; the importance of clear vision during exercise is an aspect that is sometimes overlooked.

If you require prescription eyewear, wearing glasses while working out can significantly enhance the overall fitness experience – however, there are some myths about working out in glasses that need addressing. Firstly, why would you work out in glasses? What are the benefits?


Why Wear Glasses to Work Out?


Visual Clarity and Safety

One of the primary benefits of wearing glasses during workouts is improved vision. If you need glasses in everyday life, then they’re going to be of benefit when working out. Whether you’re lifting weights, running on a treadmill, or participating in group fitness classes, clear vision is crucial for proper form and technique. Prescription glasses ensure that individuals with vision impairments can see equipment, monitors, and instructors clearly, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Eye Protection

Engaging in outdoor workouts exposes individuals to various environmental elements, such as dust, debris, and harmful UV rays. Prescription glasses with protective coatings, such as anti-scratch and UV-resistant coatings, offer a shield for the eyes during outdoor activities. Top sunglasses brands like Oakley allow you to have prescription lenses in their top models, such as Holbrook and Sutro. This not only enhances your vision but also protects the eyes from potential damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays or foreign particles – and you look good at the same time.


Myths About Wearing Glasses During Workouts

Despite the advantages, some myths persist about wearing glasses during workouts. One common misconception is that glasses may slip or fall off during vigorous activities. However, advancements in eyewear technology, including lightweight materials and secure frame designs, have addressed these concerns. Referring to Oakley once again, they have a reputation for creating glasses, both normal eyeglasses and sports sunglasses. Many sports-specific eyeglasses feature non-slip nose pads and temple grips to keep them securely in place during intense physical activity, whilst Oakley uses O-Matter frames, which are sweat-resistant on eyeglasses and sunglasses.

That addresses another myth attributed to wearing glasses: that it may cause discomfort due to sweating. While it’s true that sweating can be an issue, especially during intense workouts, choosing glasses with moisture-wicking features can mitigate this concern. Additionally, adjustable nose pads and well-ventilated frames contribute to a comfortable fit, even in sweaty conditions. VALLON, Oakley, and SunGod all have models with such features for a comfortable workout.


Choosing the Right Eyewear for Different Activities

Not all workouts are created equal, and the same goes for eyewear. Different physical activities may require specific types of glasses to optimize performance. For instance, individuals engaged in high-impact sports like running or aerobics may benefit from wraparound frames that provide a secure fit and protect against wind and debris. Hypercraft sunglasses are often preferred by runners due to this feature, whilst the Radar EV Path by Oakley can be fitted with clear lenses for running in poor light.

For those participating in activities with a higher risk of impact, such as racquet sports, basketball, or martial arts, sports-specific goggles or glasses with impact-resistant lenses are recommended. These lenses are designed to withstand potential blows and protect the eyes from injury.



Wearing glasses during workouts is not just about correcting vision; it’s about optimizing safety, focus, and overall fitness performance. Clear vision enhances the exercise experience, allowing individuals to engage in activities with confidence and precision. With the right eyewear choice, incorporating glasses into your fitness routine can be a seamless and beneficial addition to your overall well-being.

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