10 Best Soccer Indoor Shoes

Best Soccer Indoor Shoes


This is a guide to the 10 best soccer indoor shoes which will help you take your game to the next level.

Indoor soccer shoes vary according to the type of surface you will play, whether it is a hard court or an indoor turf pitch, as well as design and other features. They need good grip but can’t rely on studs like outdoor cleats use. They need to be comfortable, and breathable, and they should provide enough traction that you can reach full sprint quickly and enjoy the agility needed to turn players. They also need to be strong enough to protect the foot while enabling accurate passing and shooting.

Here are our top picks:


10 Of The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes


1. Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Soccer Shoe


adidas Men's Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe


The Adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe is a classic for a reason. The line was launched in 1949 and today’s iteration bears a similar look. It has a soft leather upper that is comfortable but provides control, which is further reinforced by the rubber outsole. The shoes grip well, which enables faster bursts of acceleration as well as controlled twists and turns. The shape of the shoe also enhances ball control, as well as movement control, and the shoes are reasonably priced, although there are cheaper on the market.

However, color options are limited to black white white stripes, or white with black stripes. The shoes are also quite narrow so may not be suitable for players with wide feet, but, overall, they are among the best indoor soccer shoes available.



  • Grippy sole provides movement control
  • Soft leather upper is comfortable
  • Reasonably priced for a premium option



  • Limited color choices
  • Not ideal for wide feet


2. Diadora Women’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes


Diadora Women's Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes


Diadora Women’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes are designed for wide-fitting women’s feet. They have a synthetic upper that is flexible and breathable, so they are comfortable to wear for full matches as well as training. The rubber soles offer great grip and their abrasion resistance means they won’t wear down too quickly. The shoes are very reasonably priced, come in a decent range of sizes, and they are a very good option for wide feet.

However, the wide fitting means they aren’t the best choice for narrow or even medium feet, and they can be a little slippery on some indoor court surfaces.



  • Great for wide-fitting feet
  • Synthetic upper is flexible and comfortable
  • Very reasonable price



  • Wide fitting not suitable for narrow or medium feet
  • Can be slippery on some court surfaces


3. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Audazo V6 Pro Suede IN Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Audazo V6 Pro Suede in Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Audazo V6 Pro Suede IN Soccer Shoes have a meshed upper covering, as well as a perforated section on the forefoot so they ensure that the wearer’s feet get a good flow of air while also being flexible. The main section of the upper is made of full-grain leather so it is durable and hardwearing. They also have rubber protection around the toe that helps maintain the shape and condition of the front of the shoes.

The New Balance indoor soccer shoes come in wide-fitting sizes as well as standard sizes, so they should fit most feet, but even the wide-fitting shoes are a little narrow so you may need to look elsewhere if you do have wide feet. The Audazo V6 Pro are expensive indoor soccer shoes.



  • Available in standard and wide sizes
  • Leather upper is covered in mesh for breathability
  • Leather uppers are durable



  • Expensive
  • The wide-fitting sizes could still be wider


4. Adidas Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes


adidas Men's Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes


Based on the legendary Copa Mundial soccer cleats worn by the likes of Beckenbauer and Zidane, the Adidas Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes are a premium option. They feature leather uppers, suede toe and heel, and an EVA cushion at the sole. This cushioning provides support and can help prevent damage caused when running and landing hard. The shoes are also contoured to fit snugly to the foot, which prevents abrasion injuries and ensures total comfort when running around the court or pitch.

The gum sole is grippy, so you can turn and sprint with confidence, but the shoes are expensive and the tongue is longer than on other shoes can be off-putting until you get used to the design.



  • Grippy soles are good for indoor courts
  • Soft lining and interior cushion provides comfort and support
  • Leather uppers are durable



  • Pricey
  • Long tongue takes some getting used to


5. Puma Mens Super Liga OG Retro


PUMA Men's Super Liga OG Retro Sneaker


The Puma Men’s Super Liga OG Retro soccer shoe is based on the 1980s Puma trainers that have become something of a fashion icon and popular for training. The shoes are designed for comfort with a full-length midsole. This provides cushioning for the feet and makes the shoe easier to put on and take off. The shoes break in quickly, too, which means you won’t have to suffer injuries and discomfort during the first few wears, and they are very inexpensively priced.

The softer material means that they can wear out quicker than other shoes and the sizing can be difficult to get right, with most people buying half a size up to ensure their toes fit comfortably.



  • Soft materials are comfortable
  • Minimal time to wear them in
  • Reasonable price



  • Can wear out quite quickly
  • Sizing seems a little off


6. Adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedportal.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedportal.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


Adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedportal.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes are lightweight shoes that are made using some recycled materials. They are affordably priced and have an external heel lock. The heel lock not only provides greater comfort for the heel but its stability also enables explosive speed on indoor courts and indoor surfaces. The lightweight material also provides a greater ball feel so you can enjoy greater ball control and more accurate passing and shooting precision.

The shoes are unisex. Sizes provided are for men’s feet, and women should size down 1.5 sizes. They are narrow shoes, so are not suitable for wider feet.



  • Lightweight shoes do not restrict movement
  • External heel lock provides support and comfort at the heel
  • Affordable price



  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Women size down 1.5 sizes


7. Adidas Unisex Edge.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


adidas Unisex Edge.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


Adidas Unisex Edge.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes are designed specifically for indoor soccer. Their rubber outsoles are especially grippy so you can retain control during movement, and the shoe fits snugly for controlled acceleration On the outside of the shoe, there is a textured surface on the upper. This surface means you can elicit greater control over the ball with improved accuracy as well as better spin and curve of the ball.

The midsole is comfortable and well cushioned, but the shoes aren’t suitable for wide feet and the unisex design means that it can be difficult to size down appropriately for women’s feet.



  • Good price
  • Textured surface offers better ball control
  • Grippy soles are perfect for indoor soccer



  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Difficult to size for women


8. New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Team IN Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men's 442 V2 Team IN Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Team IN Soccer Shoes come in a choice of standard or wide fitting. They have full leather uppers that are protective and durable. The suede toe cap allows movement while also withstanding pressure and a comfortable lining helps ensure that the shoes fit comfortably and snugly. Grippy rubber soles also ensure stability on the ground and explosive pace from the start. They are also reasonably priced. However, while they do come in wide sizes, even these may prove too narrow for big feet.



  • Reasonable price
  • Leather upper is strong and durable
  • Suede toe cap allows good movement



  • Narrow fitting, even in the wide sizes


9. Puma Men’s Future Play Indoor Trainers


PUMA Men's Future Play Indoor Trainer Sneaker


Puma Men’s Future Play Indoor Trainers look more like outdoor cleats than a lot of the other models. They are very reasonably priced and designed for narrow to medium-width feet. They have leather uppers and the whole shoe shape has small holes that offer some breathability and allow greater flexibility in the material. The rubber outsole is multi-studded, so it affords a good grip on the court surface.

Although the indoor soccer shoes are good quality, they do run small, which means you will need to buy at least half a size larger, and this can leave a looser fit than is ideal.



  • Cheap
  • Flexible, breathable material
  • Good grippy soles



  • Odd fit can mean a loose fit


10. Adidas Unisex Edge.4 Indoor Sala Soccer Shoe


adidas Unisex Edge.4 Indoor Sala Soccer Shoes


The Adidas Unisex Edge.4 Indoor Sala Soccer Shoe is designed for indoor play. It has a synthetic upper that is flexible and breathable, along with a mesh panel on the upper side of the foot that further enhances this breathable flexibility. The rubber soles enable quick acceleration and agile turns, and the shoes are made with some recycled material so are better for the environment. They are also very well priced.

The lacing is slightly offset, which allows more precise striking of the ball on the top of the foot, but the sizing is difficult to get right and the shoes are narrow so are not suitable for wide feet: even medium feet might struggle to get them to fit properly.



  • Cheap
  • Offset laces improve ball-striking
  • Upper is designed for flexibility



  • Getting the right size is challenging
  • Narrow fit


Verdict – What Are The Best Soccer Indoor Shoes?

Indoor soccer surfaces are very different from outdoor pitches. Soccer can be played on a hard court surface, that is more like a gym floor than a soccer pitch, but some indoor football is played on synthetic turf. Choosing the right indoor shoes is important and you need to take into account the amount of grip you require as well as the level of protection you need, and even the size and width of your feet, to ensure that the shoes fit snugly but not too tightly.

We found the Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Soccer Shoe offers the best all-round performance while also being reasonably priced. Diadora Women’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes are shaped for women with wide feet and they are very reasonably priced for a high-quality set of indoor soccer shoes.


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