Best Soccer Rebounder For Solo Practice


In this guide we take a look at 8 of the best soccer rebounders that will help you improve your game when you’re playing solo.

A soccer rebounder is great for solo practice to train passing, ball control, and close control, soccer rebounders are nets, or sometimes hard walls, that you kick the ball against. The ball rebounds and you need to control it or pass it straight back.

Rebounders range from portable ones that are ideal in confined spaces and for sharp, short passing. Larger ones are better suited to practicing long passing. Rebounders can also provide useful for shooting or target practice but bear in mind the ball won’t return to you unless you’re shooting straight on.


8 Best Soccer Rebounders


1. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer


SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder Net


The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer is a dual sided rebounder, with the different sides offering different height return on the ball. Because it’s dual-sided and sturdy, it can also be used by two people at the same time. It’s easy to put up and lightweight enough to move around easily. The net has a low level of tension so the ball will come back relatively slowly, but its size means it can be used for medium and some long-range practice as well as short range.

The SKLZ Quickster is very reasonably priced, especially considering it can be used by two people at the same time, but the loose net loses tension over time, and you can’t adjust the angles for different return heights.



  • Two players can use the rebounder at the same time
  • Very good price for a dual-sided rebounder
  • Light and easily portable



  • Net loses tension over time
  • Angle can’t be adjusted


2. Podiumax Portable Soccer Trainer


PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer


The PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer is great for backyard practice and to hone short passing and tight ball control skills. The angle of the net can be changed so players can practice receiving the ball at different heights, and with a weight of just 17 pounds, it really is portable and easy to transport from one location to another or to move it around the practice area. The stainless-steel frame is durable and ensures the rebounder stays in place and is suitable for adults as well as kids.

The Podiumax Portable Soccer Trainer is reasonably priced, has some room for elevation change, and it is portable, but it can only be used by one person at a time and the 4 x 3 foot net is small.



  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Decent price
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Angle is adjustable



  • Small net
  • Only suitable for solo practice


3. Podiumax Upgraded 2-in-1 Portable Soccer Trainer


PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer


If you want something bigger than a portable trainer, the Podiumax Upgraded 2-in-1 Portable Soccer Trainer measures 6 x 4.7 feet on one of the two sides. It is a double-sided rebounder so it can be used by two people at the same time or you can create training drills that utilize both sides. However, the dual-sided design means that you can’t adjust the angles of the net. The larger side returns the ball at a higher angle, so is good for volley and half-volley practicing, while the other side keeps the ball low on the ground so is better suited to practicing receiving ground balls.

While the dual-sided design is useful, the larger frame is not all metal and it means that the upgraded rebounder doesn’t have adjustable angles to alter your training.



  • Double-sided rebounder can be used by two people
  • Lofted return enables volleying practice
  • Large net



  • Angle can’t be adjusted
  • Frame isn’t all metal


4. Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder


Kwik Goal Best Soccer Rebounder


The Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder measures a huge 7 x 14 feet. This is closer to the standard 8 x 24 feet of a standard goal so it can be used for shooting practice as well as for long range passing. It is made with a durable aluminum frame and 1 ½ inch mesh net. The mesh is tight, which means the ball is returned at speed and enables players to practice receiving more challenging balls.

Ideal for those looking for long-range passing practice or that want to combine shooting and passing drills, the Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder is expensive and difficult to move around. The net also loses some of its tightness over time.



  • Large net is good for shooting and long range passing
  • Aluminum frame is durable
  • Includes bungee attachments for extra stability



  • Expensive
  • Net loses tightness over time


5. RapidFire rf80 Football Rebounder


RapidFire RF80 Rebounder


The RapidFire RF80 Football Rebounder is a small rebounder net that is double-sided and can be folded or unfolded to achieve the angle you want, although you can angle it to face the ground. While it is small, the steel frame is strong and robust so it can be used with force, enabling you to pass the ball hard and practice volleyed returns. It is double-sided, too, so it can be used by two people simultaneously.

Strong and with the capability to change the angle of passed return, the RapidFire RF80 Football Rebounder is a good choice but it is expensive for its size and the small size of the net means it is only really suitable for short-range passing practice.



  • Angle can be adjusted for different elevations of pass
  • Steel frame is strong and stable
  • Two players can practice at once



  • Expensive
  • Small net


6. Alpha Gear FC Soccer Rebounder Passing Wall


Gear FC Soccer Rebounder Passing Wall


The Alpha Gear FC Soccer Rebounder Passing Wall is a little different from the rest of the products on this list because it is a hard wall design, rather than a net. That means that you do have to put more pace into your own pass to receive a faster pass back. The wall can be placed vertically or flipped, with the flip side being angled to offer a floated return.

Made from HDPE, the wall is durable and the base does a good job of keeping it upright, but it is expensive for what is a small rebounder. It is portable, but while the Alpha Gear FC Soccer Rebounder Passing Wall stays upright on harder surfaces, you may need additional weights to keep it down on turf and if striking the ball with power.



  • Choice of angles offers variety in training
  • Solid wall offers a more predictable return
  • Strong and solid construction



  • Expensive
  • Can be knocked over on turf


7. Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder


Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net


The Trigon Sorts Soccer Rebounder is a 6 x 12 foot net rebounder. The frame is made from alloy steel and it does have stabilizing legs to help keep it upright, which will be needed if passing at pace especially to the top corners of the rebounder. For its size, the rebounder is very reasonably priced and the net is nice and tight so the ball rebounds accurately and with power.

However, it does take ome work to put up and take down and there’s no way to adjust the angle, so the range of return passes is limited.



  • Very good price for a large net
  • Tight net means the ball returns at pace
  • Stabilizing legs help keep the net in place



  • Angle cannot be adjusted
  • Difficult to put up and take down


8. Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal


Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal


The Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal is a small rebounder that is quick and easy to setup. Its small size means that it is lightweight and portable, especially thanks to the aluminum tube frame. The rebounder angle can be adjusted to any of seven positions so it is good for training a range of different angles and the net is tight to the ball returns at a different pace, which is more realistic of a match situation than slower balls.

However, as well as being very expensive for the size, the Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal can only be used by one person at a time as it is single sided. However, it is very high quality.



  • Tight net means the ball is returned at match-like pace
  • Aluminum frame is portable
  • Choice of seven different angles



  • Very expensive
  • Only one sided


Buyers Guide To The Best Soccer Rebounder

Soccer rebounders are good solo practice and some are double-sided and can be used by two or more people at the same time. When comparing products, we primarily looked at the following factors.


One vs Two-Sided Rebounders

Rebounders with a single side are good for solo practice. You kick the ball against the net and it comes back to you, so you can practice accurate passing as well as ball control, on your own. Some rebounders have two sides, which means these can be used by two people at the same time or you can incorporate some running and dribbling and practice different heights and types of pass.


Net Size

The size of rebounders varies and while small nets are good for accurate short passing, you will need a larger net to practice mid to long-range passing. Some large nets can also be used for shooting practice, but larger nets are less portable and may not be practical in backyards.


Net Tightness

The tightness of the net affects the speed and power the ball returns at. A loose net will effectively stop the ball from travelling behind but will return the ball slowly, while a tight net will return the ball at almost the same pass it was struck. Tighter nets tend to be more reminiscent of the types of pass you will receive during a match and angled rebounders used for volley practicing need to be tight or the ball won’t travel far enough back.


Adjustable Angles

When it comes to the angle of the net, there is variety too. Nets that are angled towards the ground or horizontally will replicate ground passes, while those angled upwards will return the ball at height, which makes them suitable for practicing volleying as well as general receiving of the ball. If you want to practice a good range, choose a rebounder that allows the angle of the net to be adjusted or one that has different angles on either side.


Verdict – What Is The Best Soccer Rebounder?

A good soccer rebounder can be an invaluable tool in soccer practice, allowing the training of passing and receiving the ball, and even in volleying and shooting. Above are 8 of the best soccer rebounders you can buy. The SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer double-sided rebounder is a very good price and its dual-sided design means two people can practice at the same time, or you can practice receiving different passes.


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