8 Best Goalkeeper Gloves For Soccer in 2024


This is a review guide to the 8 best soccer goalkeeping gloves in 2024.

The best goalkeeper gloves fit snugly around the whole hand and wrist. They have a good textured grip to keep hold of the ball, and they offer protection to the goalie’s fingers and hands.  Every goalkeeper has a personal preference when it comes to cut type and even material, while budget plays a big role in choosing gloves.

You should consider a set of practice gloves, as well as a pair for matches. Practice gloves come in for a lot rougher treatment as the goalkeeper endures intensive training sessions. Match gloves offer greater precision and better performance, but they will wear out sooner if you wear them every time you step foot between the sticks.

Below, we take a look at 8 of the best goalkeeper gloves help you find the ideal pair.


8 Best Goalie Gloves


1. Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves


NIKE Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Elite Football Soccer Gloves


Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves have a lightweight perforated mesh design that is breathable and offers good flexibility for unrestricted hand movement. They use Nike’s All-Conditions Control technology, which is meant to improve grip, and the cuff at the wrist is elasticated and flexible so goalkeepers can get a comfortable fit around the whole glove.

The gloves are a snug fit, somewhat difficult to get hold of, and they are expensive, but as a pair of goalkeeper gloves they are a very good all-rounder. They offer the performance needed for match days and the durability required for regular practice.



  • Lightweight, flexible perforated mesh
  • Flexible wrist cuffs
  • Durable enough for regular practice



  • Expensive
  • Snug fit


2. Storelli Gladiator Pro 3.0 Goalkeeper Gloves


Storelli Gladiator Pro Goalkeeper Gloves


Storelli Gladiator Pro 3.0 Goalkeeper Gloves are customizable and durable goalie gloves. They have 3mm of reinforced padding to protect the palms and fingers, and they include removable finger spines for all digits. The plastic spines sit on the top of the fingers and effectively protect against finger bends and jams. Or, for greater flexibility, you can remove some or all of the spines.

A latex covering is flexible but protective and the mesh panels offer breathability, preventing the hands from feeling too constricted or getting too hot and sweaty, and the flexible wrists have double Velcro fastenings to prevent bunching of the elasticated material.

The Storelli goalkeeper gloves are very reasonably priced but the palms wear quite quickly, despite the latex addition, which means these gloves are best saved for matchday.



  • Latex palms offer good grip and protection
  • Removable finger spines protect fingers and thumbs
  • Double latex fastenings prevent bunching at the wrists


  • Palms wear down quickly


3. Adidas Predator Pro Fingersave


adidas Predator Pro Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves


Based on the original Adidas Predator Pro, the Predator Pro Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves are durable and tough. Whereas the Storelli gloves have removable finger spines, the Adidas Fingersaves are fixed inside the gloves. They prevent the bending back of fingers and protect against finger jams, but they are quite restrictive. Some goalies won’t like playing with the rigid feel, but if you put finger protection above all else, the Fingersave feature is beneficial. There is no spine in the thumb, which means there is still the danger of a bent thumb.

The gloves do wear quickly, which means these are best saved for matchday, so while the Predator Pro Fingersaves are moderately priced themselves, you will need to buy an additional pair, so the cost adds up. Another feature that will divide opinion is in the strapless fitting. It can make putting the gloves on a real challenge, but some prefer to play with the heavy strapping around the wrist.



  • Fingersaves protect the fingers from bending
  • Strengthened fingers allow greater resistance against the ball
  • Strapless design feels more comfortable



  • No Fingersave protection for the thumb
  • Gloves wear down quickly


4. Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliator Goalkeeper Gloves


Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliator Goalkeeper Gloves


The Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliator Goalkeeper Gloves are made with a breathable back and latex palm. The breathable fabric provides flexibility and comfort, while the latex padding on the palms heightens grip so you have a greater chance of keeping hold of the ball and you can control throws better.

The backhand also has punch zones that are flexible so you can get the right hand shape but strong enough to protect the hand and knuckles from damage. The gloves include removable spines for all fingers and the thumbs, so you can choose whether to play with extra protection for your fingers and greater flexibility for improved hand movement.

The wrist is elasticated but has Velcro fastenings. The Reusch gloves are quite expensive but they are flexible and comfortable while being very durable.



  • Removable finger spines mean you can choose between protection or flexibility
  • Latex palms offer improved grip
  • Flexible materials offer comfort and prevent tearing



  • Quite expensive
  • Punch zones could have more padding


5. Rectrix 1.0 Goalkeeper Gloves


Rectrix 1.0 Goalkeeper Gloves


Rectrix 1.0 Goalkeeper Gloves are inexpensive gloves targeted at amateur and club players. They have a foam backhand and contact latex palms, providing grip with the ball and protection against punching and for reflex saves. The wrist strap has a Velcro fastening, which itself adds a layer of protection when worn. Exposed black mesh offers breathability and flexibility in the glove fabric, and the affordable gloves come with a free bag for easy and convenient storage.

The gloves do lack protection for the fingers, however, and the grip isn’t as good as is offered by more expensive gloves.



  • Cheap
  • Black mesh material is comfortable and breathable
  • Foam backhand offers some protection



  • Lacks the protection of finger spines
  • Grip could be better


6. PUMA Future Grip 1 NC Goalkeeper Gloves


PUMA Future Grip 1 NC Goalkeeper Gloves


PUMA Future Grip 1 NC Goalkeeper Gloves are great looking and reasonably priced goalkeeper gloves. They have a negative cut which means they effectively grip to your hands when on, which gives greater control and a natural feel. The palms of the gloves have pieces of latex that provide texture and improve grip, while the backhands include additional silicone in the knitted material, aiding in punching the ball out.

The fit of the gloves is very snug and the material isn’t breathable, which means your hands can feel constricted and they will cause sweaty palms through the course of a game. The latex also wears out quickly, which means these are best suited as match gloves, rather than for practice.



  • Negative cut means the gloves fit snugly
  • Latex palms offer good grip
  • Cushioned backhand good for punching



  • Constricted, tight fit
  • Hands will get clammy in warm conditions


7. Elite Sports Black Solo Goalkeeper Gloves


Elite Sports Black Solo Goalkeeper Gloves


Elite Sports Black Solo Goalkeeper Gloves are inexpensive gloves that have 4mm of latex on the palms and 4mm of backing foam, which means they offer plenty of protection. There are removable fingersaves on each of the fingers, although none on the thumbs.

The palms have a flat cut, which helps blocking shots but offers less control than other cuts. The thumb and pinky fingers have a curled fit to facilitate more comfortable ball holding. Although they are reasonably priced and good for amateur goalies, the rigid palms and general design mean less direct control over the ball and although there are fingersaves in the fingers, there are none in the thumbs.



  • Decent price
  • Good protection in the palms and backhand



  • Rigid design means less ball control
  • No fingersaves in the thumbs


8. PUMA Ultra Grip 1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves


PUMA Ultra Grip 1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves


Puma Ultra Grip 1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves are moderately priced hybrid gloves. They have a 4mm latex padding on the palm, designed for use in wet and dry conditions. The design of the palm combines Gunn cut and negative cut, so the gloves fit snugly and offer control and grip. The gloves also feature a punching zone that provides extra protection. However, the gloves are quite thick and can be difficult to get to grips with.



  • Reasonable price
  • Well padded for hand and finger protection



  • Not the most flexible


Buyer’s Guide


Choosing the best goalkeeper gloves is important. They provide protection for the fingers, thumbs, and palms, while also offering better grip of the ball and the ability to punch the ball away from goal. They should fit snugly without being too constrictive. They should also have additional layers of material to pad against powerful shots and potentially to prevent the bending back of fingers. Consider the cut of the gloves as well as whether they feature finger protection and additional grip.


Finger Protection


With no additional protection, it is easy for fingers to get bent backwards or to jar the tips of fingers against a fast travelling ball. Such incidents can be painful and can lead to serious injury. Some glove manufacturers protect against this by adding extra padding in the fingers or by incorporating removable spines. Removable spines enable you to choose whether you want the extra protection or greater flexibility of the fingers.


Glove Cut


Different gloves have different designs, especially regarding the stitching and the shape and layout of the fingers. The most common are negative cut and hybrid cut as well as a roll finger design.

  • Negative Cut – A negative cut means the stitching of the gloves is on the inside so the gloves fit more snugly against the hands.
  • Roll Finger – A roll finger design means that it has a roll of foam or cushioned material around the fingers. This layer provides protection but it does diminish flexibility in the fingers, which puts some goalies off.
  • Hybrid Cut – A hybrid cut combines a negative cut and roll fingers, ideally providing the best of both worlds so that your fingers are protected but you still have some flexibility.

Fastening Style


Gloves need to fit snugly to be useful. This means that they have some form of fastening that keeps the gloves on your hand. The most common fastening technique is a strap that goes around the wrist and then fastens with Velcro, but some designs are strap free. This offers more flexibility in the wrist, but doesn’t offer the protection that wrist straps also give, and the gloves can feel very tight.

Palm Material


The palms of the hands will take a lot of abuse during a game. Footballs can travel up to 70 miles per hour when struck sweetly. The best goalie gloves not only protect the palms from damage but they typically have an additional layer of latex or another grippy material that makes it easier to catch and keep hold of the ball. Good grip can also help with good throwing and distribution.


Backhand Material


As well as the material of the glove palm, you should also look at the material used on the backhand section of the glove. A padded backhand makes punching the ball more comfortable and less painful but too much padding can have the opposite effect.


Verdict – What Are the Best Goalkeeper Gloves In 2024?


Getting the best goalkeeper gloves is important. They protect the hands and fingers while enabling the goalie to retain control of the ball whether stopping shots, catching the ball, or distributing it. Nike Goalkeeper Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves are expensive and not everybody will like the snug fit but they are durable, lightweight, and flexible. The Storelli Gladiator Pro 3.0 Goalkeeper Gloves offer great protection combined with good flexibility, making them desirable all-rounder gloves.


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