7 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Best soccer cleats for wide feet

This is a review guide to 7 of the best soccer cleats for wide feet, including some “standard” cleats that are available with a wide-fitting size.

Soccer cleats need to be snug to prevent rubbing, ensure comfort, and afford explosive speed and agility. However, while they do need to fit snugly to the feet, they shouldn’t be so tight that they rub or restrict movement of the foot. Unfortunately, most cleats are designed for “standard” feet, which means if you have wide-fitting feet, it can be difficult to find a pair of cleats that fit comfortably and don’t hamper movement.


7 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet


1. New Balance Tekela v4 Magia FG Soccer Shoe


 Tekela V4 Magia Fg Wide Soccer Shoe


New Balance Tekela v4 Magia FG Soccer Shoes are laceless cleats with an upper sock fitting. These soccer cleats come in wide-fitting sizes, which will help with getting the ankle opening over the feet and will also ensure they fit snugly without being too tight for the wearer.

Laceless boots are popular because they are comfortable, effectively like rigid socks, and the lack of laces means better ball control because no deviation is caused if the ball strikes the laces. The shoes are lightweight but they are a little on the expensive side for amateur players.



  • Laceless design offers improved ball control
  • Wide-fitting sizes are available
  • Lightweight shoe is comfortable, even on wider feet



  • Expensive


2. Adidas Goletto VIII Firm Ground Wide Soccer Cleats


adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto VIII Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


Adidas Goletto VIII Firm Ground Soccer Cleats don’t come in wide fitting sizes but they do have a naturally wider fit, so they should be suitable for those with slightly wider feet. Players with very wide-fitting feet may need to look for shows with additional width, however.

The Adidas Goletto VIII are inexpensively-priced firm ground shoes with a traditional look and design. They have a low collar so do not offer protection to the ankles but they do enable rapid turns and quick movement. The shoes are billed as unisex and they are made with some recycled materials. They are very durable and have a similar feel to traditional leather cleats.



  • Durable boots that will last
  • Very affordably priced
  • Wider fitting is suitable for medium-wide feet



  • Those with wide feet might still struggle


3. Puma Men’s NMJ X Future 1.4 Firm Ground Cleats


PUMA Mens Nmj X Future Z 1.4 Firm GroundAg Soccer Cleats


The Puma Future 1.4 NMJ X Future 1.4 Firm Ground Cleats are another pair of cleats that do not have specific wide-fitting sizes but do tend to run a little wider than the average shoe. They have the Neymar Jr design on the boot and also feature Fuzionfit+ technology that ensures the cleat wraps to the foot for comfort and agility. There are also what Puma calls Advanced Elite Creator Zones, which are textured areas on the outside of the boot that grip the ball and allow for precise passing and shooting, as well as enhanced curve.

The studs are configured for Firm Ground play but are positioned such that they give improved grip on turf. The Future 1.4 Cleats are comfortable and a good fit, and they are popular cleats for the superior ball control they offer, but they are very expensive.



  • Lightweight cleats that offer comfort and grip
  • Textured surfaces improve ball control
  • Stud layout provides a better surface grip



  • Very expensive


4. Adidas Copa Sense.3


adidas Unisex-Adult Copa Sense.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


Adidas Copa Sense.3 are very reasonably priced cleats that offer some room for wider feet. The anatomical fit ensures that the boots fit a more realistic foot shape and although there is a cuff fitting around the ankle, it isn’t too restrictive so they are still easy enough to put on. The studs are configured for play on firm ground while the leather uppers are durable but soft.

Unisex cleats can be worn by men or women, although Adidas recommends that female players size down by 1 to 1.5 sizes for a more accurate fit. The cleats are also made with some recycled components. The Copa Sense.3 are inexpensive and durable. They look good and are comfortable for most wearers, but they can still be quite tight on wide feet.



  • Cheap
  • Made using recycled materials
  • Durable cleats



  • Not the best for very wide feet


5. New Balance Men’s Furon V7 Destroy FG Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men's Furon V7 Destroy FG Soccer Shoe


New Balance is one manufacturer that caters to wider feet because they offer wide-fitting sizes, as well as their standard sizes. The New Balance Men’s Furon V7 Destroy FG Soccer Shoe has a mesh upper lining that is light and breathable so enables the feet to get air even during a long match or a grueling training session.

The TPU outsole is ideal for firm ground use, and the cleats have off-set lacing, with a canopy that has been cored out where the laces would usually go. This configuration allows for more precise striking of the ball. The Furon cleats are quite expensive and the standard shoe sizes are especially narrow, so you will need to buy the wide fitting, which may still be too narrow for very wide feet.



  • Breathable mesh allows air to get around the feet
  • Off-set laces offer a better ball strike
  • Wide-fitting sizes available



  • Expensive
  • May still be too narrow for wide feet


6. Puma Men’s King Top Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


PUMA Men's King Top Firm Ground Wide Soccer Shoe


Puma Men’s King Top Firm Ground Soccer Shoes are traditional-looking soccer cleats, even featuring a roll-over tongue. The boots are made from a soft leather material, which means that they are more durable than the thinner synthetic materials, and they generally offer better protection for the feet. The boots are an average price and designed for use on firm ground.

But, while some players are championing the return of the tongue, others may find it too cumbersome and that it gets in the way when playing, and although the leather is more durable than some other materials, it is quite thin, which allows for greater movement but may also lead to wear and tear to the cleats over time.



  • Good-looking traditional cleat design
  • Soft leather is flexible but reasonably durable



  • The leather could be thicker


7. New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Academy FG Soccer Shoe


New Balance Unisex 442 V2 Pro FG Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Academy FG Soccer Shoes come in wide-fitting sizes that fit wide feet well. They are traditional-looking cleats, although they don’t have the fold-over tongue of some models. Suede lining provides comfort, although the heel lining is quite tough and may cause blisters while you’re wearing the cleats.

The V2 are quite expensive and the material tends to soak up quite a bit of water in wet weather, although they are designed for firm ground, so that shouldn’t be an issue in too many instances.



  • Wide sizes are a good fit for wide feet
  • Traditional looking cleats



  • Quite Expensive
  • Not the best for wearing in wet weather


Buyer’s Guide to the Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Getting the right soccer cleats is important. They need to fit snugly but not too tightly, ensuring that you get the protection and support required without them rubbing or causing injuries. They should also enable you to run, twist, and turn, as well as strike the ball cleanly.

Such is the size of the global soccer market, that there are hundreds of pairs to choose from. But, sadly, most cleats are seemingly designed for narrow feet. If you have wide feet, it can be difficult to find the perfect footwear for your soccer games.


Synthetic or Leather

When choosing any type of soccer cleat, one of the first decisions is whether you want cleats made of leather or synthetic material. Synthetic materials tend to be softer and more malleable, which means they will fit snugly. The material essentially molds around the foot, and this can be very beneficial to wide-fitting feet.

However, it doesn’t completely remedy the situation, because wide feet will still put pressure on the stitching and the joins between the upper material and the baseplate so the material will feel tight and restrictive. You will still need to look for cleats that are sized for wide feet.

Leather has the same problem and it is less malleable and flexible than synthetic material so it won’t hug the foot in the same way. It is more durable, however, and offers greater protection from rough tackles and when striking the ball.


Firm Ground or Soft Ground

The majority of games are played on firm ground because if the ground is too soft, matches are usually postponed to prevent injuries and to ensure a fair game. As such, most cleats are designed for firm ground use, with a stud layout that digs in the ground enough to provide traction but without causing the foot to plant in position.

Soft ground boots are available and it can be beneficial to have a pair of SG boots in reserve, for unpredictable and inclement weather conditions.


Laceless Cleats

Laceless cleats have become increasingly popular. When striking a ball, if the player hits the ball with the laces on their boots, it can cause an unexpected curve or an unclean strike. Laceless cleats prevent this from happening, but the cleats themselves fit differently.

Because there are no lace fastenings, this type of cleat tends to have a much tighter fit, which means that most laceless cleats are not suitable for players with wide feet. They will be too restrictive and may cause injury and discomfort.


Tips To Choose The Best Fit

  • Size Appropriately – Soccer cleats need to be tighter than standard everyday footwear. Have your feet measured professionally and check the reviews of any cleats you consider to see whether others advise sizing up or down. This is especially important if you have wide feet as most cleats are designed for narrow feet.
  • Consider Your Socks – When measuring your feet, wear the socks you will be wearing during matches. Even though the thickness of socks might not seem much, it makes a difference to the size of cleat you need.
  • Do You Really Need Laceless Cleats? – Laceless cleats are popular because of their streamlined look and because they offer a cleaner strike of the ball. But, because they need to fit really snugly they have an ankle opening that is similar to that of a sock. It can be difficult to get wide feet through this opening.
  • Check Measurements – If the manufacturer offers precise measurements, take advantage of them. Look for the inner measurements, and especially around the widest part of the foot as this is where wide-footed players struggle to get an appropriate fit.


Verdict – Which Are The Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet?

It can be difficult to find good cleats for wide feet, as most manufacturers design their footwear for players with narrow or medium feet. Some companies, like New Balance, do offer wide-fitting measurements, though, and others offer naturally wider shoes.

New Balance Tekela v4 Magia FG Soccer Shoes come in wide-fitting sizes and are lightweight and comfortable. Adidas Goletto VIII Firm Ground Soccer Cleats do not come in specific wide sizes but they tend to be suitable for those with medium wide feet and are very reasonably priced.


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