6 Best Soccer Goals for Backyard Practice

Best Soccer Goals for Backyard Practice


Having soccer goals in your backyard offers a great way to practice shooting. It’s also ideal for goalkeepers. Most yards can’t cope with full-size goals that need to be dug into the ground, but there is a great array of semi-permanent and even pop-up goals. They come in a range of sizes and styles, and there are sets that include goals as well as additional items like training cones and even balls.

Below, we look at some of the best soccer goals for backyard practice, including rebounders as well as semi-permanent and pop-up options.


Best Soccer Goals For Your Backyard


1. Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal


Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height


The Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal is made from powder-coated steel. Powder-coated steel is resistant to rust caused by rain and moisture, which means these goals can be used in the rain or left out overnight. The net is made from heavy duty nylon and the whole semi-permanent goal can be folded for storage or transport.

When you do put it up, there are anchor hooks which give some stability and ensure that the goals don’t rock and move around too much during use. The frame size can be adjusted so that the width is 4, 6, or 7 feet and the height 3, 4, or 5 feet. The Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal is reasonably priced for a steel semi-permanent set but, while they are technically portable, they are heavy, as a result of the material used.



  • Powder-coated steel frame is rain resistant
  • Can be folded for storage or movement
  • Anchor hooks can be used to improve stability
  • Adjustable height and width



  • Heavy


2. PowerNet Soccer Goal


PowerNet Backyard Soccer Goal


The PowerNet Backyard Soccer Goal is a collapsible soccer net that is ideal for garden use. There is a variety of sizes available, including an ultra-wide 24 x 8 feet set, but for backyard use the 6 x 4 feet net is ideal.

The base frame is made of an alloy steel with bow style poles. The bow poles have some give in them, which means they bend when under pressure, reducing the risk of the frame snapping or permanently bending. The vertical poles are made of a flexible fiberglass material. The whole thing folds down and packs away into the provided carry case. You also receive ground stakes and bungee cord that can be used to keep the goal in place.

The goal is reasonably priced, durable, and convenient to move around but the fiberglass poles are not as strong as metal: this does reduce the weight but it also makes the goal a little more flimsy.



  • Decent size for a backyard goal
  • Use of fiberglass keeps the weight manageable
  • Easily folded and packed in provided carry bag



  • Fiberglass not as strong as a full metal construction


3. Bownet Portable Soccer Goal 12×6


Bownet Portable Soccer Goal for Kids


The Bownet Portable Soccer Goal 12×6 is wider than the two previous goals. The steel bow frame bends as the ball hits the back of the net, and the elasticated net material stretches, all of which spreads the pressure when the ball is struck against the net and prevents damage. You also receive ground stakes, rubber pads to prevent marking, and kick-back feet, and you receive a carry bag so you can easily move the goal from one location to another.

The Bownet is expensive, primarily due to its size, and while the goals themselves are strong and robust, the carry case is somewhat fragile.



  • Steel frame is strong
  • Comes with ground stakes, rubber pads, and kick-back feet for stability
  • Extra-wide goal good for full practice



  • Expensive
  • Carry bag could be stronger


4. Franklin Sports Folding Steel Soccer Goal


Backyard Portable Steel Soccer Goal


The Franklin Sport Folding Steel Soccer Goal is a regulation size folding goal made with a galvanized steel frame. The goal can be folded for storage or mobility and it comes with 4 ground stakes that improve stability when the goal is being used.

The goal is very reasonably priced and the whole thing is easy to put up, although attaching the net to the frame does take time. It is heavy, primarily due to its size and steel construction. And despite being made from a galvanized steel the frame is prone to bending, especially the crossbar frame.



  • 12 x 6-foot goal
  • Ground stakes offer better stability
  • Can be folded for portability
  • Very reasonably priced for its size



  • Heavy
  • Crossbar frame is prone to bending


5. PUGG 6 foot portable soccer goal


6 Foot Portable Soccer & Football Goal


The PUGG 6-Foot Portable Soccer Goal is a pop up soccer goal that is 6-foot wide and 3.5 feet tall in the center. The size means that this pop-up goal is best suited to younger players because an adult would fill the goal and powerful shots will eventually damage the goal.

The frame is made of a single piece of spring steel that is strong and withstands regular use. The design means there is no need to hang the net or construct the frame, you simply open the goal. And when you’re done playing, it twists back up into a 1-inch flat shape that can be put in the storage bag and stowed away until next time. Although the goal looks expensive, you do get a set that includes two goals, pegs to fix the goals in place, and the carry bag, so it is reasonably priced.



  • Pop up goal means no construction needed
  • Metal frame is quite strong for a pop-up style soccer net
  • Easily folds up for storage and mobility



  • Small goals
  • Will get damaged with regular, powerful shots


6. Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder 7’ x 14’


Kwik Goal Soccer Rebounder


A rebounder goal has a tight net at the front of the goal so that balls hit the net and rebound. They can be good for training passing as well as shooting and goalkeeping. They are suitable for solo practice as well as team practice and they mean you don’t have to retrieve the ball from the back of the goal after every shot.

The Kwik Goal AFR-1 Rebounder 7’ x 14’ is a large rebounder net measuring 7 x 14 feet. It is made from powder-coated aluminum. Setup is easy with no tools required and there is a target that can be moved around the net to practice different shots and angles. However, the Rebounder is expensive and doesn’t come with any stakes to secure the goal to the ground.



  • Rebounder enables passing, shooting, and goalkeeping practice
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight
  • 7’ x 14’ is a large goal



  • Very expensive
  • No support stakes


Buyer’s Guide To Backyard Soccer Goals

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a child, getting a backyard goal is a great way to encourage practice. It is especially useful for shooting practice but also for goalkeeping, and a small pop up goal can be good for passing practice. When buying a goal for your backyard, you do need to consider the size, the type of goal, and its portability and durability, to ensure you choose a suitable goal for your needs.


Goal Size

Standard, regulation goals for 11 v 11 soccer matches measure 24 x 8 feet. 7 a side goals measure 12 x 6 feet. Most backyards are too small to fit a full-size goal. Measure how much space you have and consider who will be using the goal. A small 6-foot popup goal is suitable for children but not really for adults. 6 feet x 4 feet is a typical backyard goal size and offers some practice for most people.


Goal Style

Standard goals are buried in the ground with support beams and guide ropes.

  • Most backyard goals are not buried, but this raises the challenge of how to keep the goals stable when the ball is being fired into the back of the net. In a professional match, the ball can travel at speeds of up to 70mph. While you likely won’t be striking the ball with such ferocity at home, the goal still needs to stay upright. A semi-permanent goal is usually maded of steel and has stakes or other methods to attach to the ground and help keep the goal upright.
  • A popup goal can be attached in a similar way, but most do not include many guides so you may have to use your own tent pegs or find other solutions.
  • Rebounders are large goals that have a tight net that is designed to bounce the ball back. They are ideal for solo practice but can be pricey.


Verdict – What Are The Best Soccer Goals For Backyard Practice?

Choosing the best soccer goals for backyard practice means choosing one that makes the most of the space available while still offering good practice opportunities. The goal should be sturdy, durable, and convenient. The adjustable Lifetime Adjustable Soccer Goal is a reasonable price, can be folded for storage, and can be adjusted to a size to suit you. The PowerNet Soccer Goal isn’t adjustable but is lighter and easier to transport.


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